Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Christian Rock And Christian Rap Are Oxymorons

In this video we learn why music is so vital to human behavior and culture.  The speaker illustrates how different types of music influences human behavior, depending on how it exalts intellect, will, and or the body.

He then illustrates why "rock and roll", and all its derivatives, are so inimical to the human person.  This music excites the passions and emotions to unmanageable states.  Note that he is not talking about the lyrics of the songs but the composition and structure of the music.  This is why fads such as "Christian rock", "Christian rap", etc are so poisonous.

I mentioned in other posts that in my younger and more stupid days, I was involved in a charismatic cult.  I was one of its musicians.  We were actually taught how to manipulate the emotions of those at our prayer meetings via our selections of songs, based on pace, rhythm, etc.  Therefore I can speak from the perspective not only as a passive recipient of the spiritual poison, but also as one who dished it out.

Please listen carefully to this video and understand that we must keep custody over our ears as well as our eyes.

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  1. I laughed: http://www.eyeofthetiber.com/2017/12/13/nuns-that-started-christian-rock-band-somehow-considered-inspiring/


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