Sunday, December 31, 2017

Framing Progressivism In Highfalutin Language

First, you may have noticed that posts have been rather infrequent lately.  I'm dealing with some family matters that simply take priority right now.  Your prayers are appreciated - thank you.

This past Friday, the pope addressed the Italian Theological Association.  He opined to them that "the world needs a theology capable of helping Christians to proclaim the salvific face of the Merciful God".   Then he invited them to a creative fidelity since this association was founded "in the spirit of service and communion indicated by the Second Vatican Council".

So the theology that has served the Church for nearly two thousand years is no longer useful in proclaiming Christ?  Ridiculous.  Theology is the study of God and matters pertaining to Him, is it not?  Because God Himself is immutable, the truths that the Fathers, Doctors, pontiffs and other teachers of the Faith taught throughout the centuries are likewise immutable.  Any theology holding itself out as different by dint of being "newly capable" should immediately be jettisoned as the spiritual poison that it is.

Going down the article to see what the pope considers new challenges, we get a more clear view of the problem.  Here they are: migration, social inequality, climate change.  There is no mention whatsoever of the real problems that threaten the eternal salvation of Catholics, such as: dramatic fall-off in Mass attendance, sacraments being abandoned, Catholics violating purity as they support and embrace all manners of perversion, Catholics facilitating the murders of unborn and elderly.

In short, this "new theology" about which the pope yammers is nothing more than 1960s seamless-garment social-gospel crap.

Also released a few days ago is a "racial examination of conscience", demonstrating yet again why the USCCB doesn't deserve one penny from any Catholic.  Their "questions" demonstrate their attempts to define the terms of conversation and to stifle any debate about their dubious dogmas.  I won't pick through the whole thing, or I'd be typing the entire day.  Rather, I'll direct you to the fifth bullet point. "Have I ever said the following phrases like she's cute for a black girl?".  Nowhere in that question (or anywhere else in this piece) any chiding of someone looking down on a white person.  In this USCCB piece, we see the clear implication that only white people can be racist and that racism is not a fault found in people of color.   That is to day that this USCCB post is itself a racist screed.

I realize that I've posted similar warnings many times in the past.  However, I do so precisely because the progressives within the church are continuously thrusting into our eyes and ears their pernicious lies.  Adolf Hitler once said that if you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it.  He was correct.  That is why when these lies are thrust into the public square time after time, we must refute them time after time.

I'll close this piece with a link to one of my blogging colleagues.  He/she believes they have seen some hopeful signs that Tradition is returning, or at least is not being treated as a pariah anymore.  Go to item 27, near the bottom of the post.  This hopeful sign is also a challenge to all of us.  What price are we willing to pay to combat blasphemy and sacrilege?

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