Saturday, December 2, 2017

Second Red Rose Rescue And Other DC Area Pro-Life News

Today pro-life activists held another Red Rose Rescue effort at three abortuaries - one in Alexandria VA and another at a mill illegally run by the very chequered Stephen Chase Brigham at 6323 Georgia Avenue NW in Washington - just 11 blocks south of the now-closed Hillcrest Women's Surgi-Center where I could be found for many Saturday mornings.  A third happened in Michigan.

At each of these locations, several pro-lifers went into the abortuaries to counsel the women.  Refusing to leave, they were arrested; the ones arrested locally were released several hours later and given court dates. At this early date, videos are not yet available so we can only provide feeds from facebook-live.  Here is one and another.  As one of the narrators states, one key reason why abortion happens is that too many Christians sit on their duffs and do squat (my terminology, not his) about the child-slaughter going on in our localities.  As Jonathan said when the second video ended, "no one should be at peace while abortion is legal".

Priests for Life and Abortion-Free New Mexico called, the official name of the abortuary business of Leroy Carhart.  He has now set up shop in the Wildwood area of Bethesda MD.  They have confirmed that Carhart will murder perfectly healthy 28-week babies.  The staff quoted a price of $7,000 for the murder.  The recording can be found on this LifeSiteNews piece.  The abortion employee explained a bit of the procedure to them, but informed the caller that Carhart would not meet with them to discuss any other options.  For updated news regarding this Bethesda abortuary, please check

At about the same time that LifeSiteNews published its findings, the Washington Post came out with a piece on "abortion doulas".  Basically these are women who are with the mother while her baby is being murdered, offering false "comfort" to these women.  I'm guessing that this piece was written several months ago, for the author laments the closing of Carhart's Germantown mill while making no mention of the Bethesda location.  These "doulas" are volunteers, apparently.  One wonders what these "volunteers" would think of the amount of filthy lucre being taken by Carhart to slaughter babies - but maybe they don't care.

But again - do good Christians care enough to do something about abortion?  Do you care??

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