Friday, December 15, 2017

Resist Error, Even When It Emanates From The Pope

Church Militant TV reported that on Monday evening, Cardinal Dolan shared a stage with flaming dissident Father James Martin at a fundraiser in New York City.  The latter, of course, is infamous for openly cooperating with the mortal sin of sodomy.  He is, however, a favorite of the pope's.  Sadly I suspect he is favored not in spite of his mortal sin (and cooperation with mortal sin is a mortal sin itself) but because of it.  A group of faithful Catholics prayed the Rosary in front of the hotel where the debacle took place.  Seven years ago, after her public support of the anti-life Obamacare bill, Sr Carol Keehan was the commencement speaker at a high school graduation in Washington DC.  The school was Jesuit-run (of course!).  We turned out to protest that - both outside and inside.

Two months ago, Church Militant relayed how another group of faithful Catholics prayed the Rosary in their Catholic church that was, at that very moment, being profaned by an "ecumenical prayer service".  They were displaying true Catholic courage.  I believe there have been other similar episodes.  Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider have articulated the need for resistance against heresy.

Two days ago, a group of Catholic pro-life leaders from around the world signed a "Pledge Of Fidelity To The Catholic Faith", refusing to follow erring pastors in the Church today.  More and more of these leaders are calling out the pope for the spread of confusion and ambiguity where we need the truth to be clearly and boldly proclaimed.  Until that situation is rectified, please be prepared to witness more demonstrations of resistance to the evil that poisons our Church hierarchy.  We are becoming more and more prepared to offer that resistance.


  1. Unfortunately Cardinal Dolan, mentioned for his support of homosexual error- promotion along with Fr. James Martin at the beginning of this post is also considered a Pro-life supporter by many pro-lifers who do not have the same universal commitment to orthodoxy as described in the " Pledge of Fidelity to the Catholic Faith" written by the group of pro-life leaders from 11 countries
    around the world and linked to at the conclusion of the post. Instead many pro-lifers, as demonstrated by Michael Voris at one March for Life do not believe in the immorality of contraception, extramarital sex or even of gay marriage, they consequently do not have a problem with the type of pro-lifer that Cardinal Dolan is and represents.

  2. Pray for a "merciful" end to this horrific Pontificate.

  3. Well, if you haven't already seen it, you need to take a gander at the Vatican's Nativity Scene. FACEBOOK won't even post it as they say it's too 'sexually explicit'. Quite ironic when FACEBOOK implies the VATICAN needs to clean up their act, eh? It displays homoerotica plain and simple.


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