Monday, December 4, 2017

Some First-Hand Videos Of The Red Rose Rescues On Dec 2, 2017

In my first report, I mentioned that videos would be forthcoming, so that you can see for yourselves what happened.  Here are three of them. The first two are of the rescues that occurred in VA and DC.  The third is the one that happened in Michigan.  Hopefully my readers will be posting some videos of their own actions to save babies.


  1. That first video must be Mark's. It is very good quality.

  2. One of the ways of making oneself an accomplice to a crime is to remove an obstacle that is preventing the crime.

    When cops remove people who are preventing abortions, the cops make themselves accomplices to abortions.

    Obviously, this is a mortal sin.

    When a bishop or pastor sees people committing mortal sins, it is his grave duty to correct them.

    Since the vast majority of cops obey orders when instructed to remove people who are preventing abortions, it is the strict, grave duty of the local pastors and bishop to instruct the cops that doing so is a mortal sin.

    In this revival of the Rescue Movement, will the local pastors and bishops instruct the police that their actions are mortally sinful, or will the pastors and bishops choose to commit the mortal sin of remaining silent?


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