Wednesday, December 20, 2017

USCCB To Spearhead Meeting Of Katholyc Social Justice Warriors

In February 2018, the USCCB will be hosting the "2018 Catholic Social Ministry Gathering".  What will they be discussing?  How about the wanton slaughter of thousands of babies everyday via abortion?  That's going on 2 million babies in the US alone that have been murdered since 1973.  But no, that's not going to be mentioned at this "gathering".  How about the encroaching of gay sexual perversions in our culture as these people maul and mutilate anyone who dares to live by their Christian principles?  That too doesn't rate a blip on this "gathering's" radar.

So if they aren't taking of matters that are intrinsic evils and that threaten the very moral fabric of our Church and civilization, how do they plan to waste three days?  Why by talking up three of the favorite progressive fronts causes: racism, immigration, environment.

Go to the bottom of that and see who some of the speakers are.  Sister Patricia Chappell was at one time the Executive Director of the dissident Pax Christi USA.  Kim Daniels fancies herself to be an "apostle".   Here are some of the participating organizations.  Of course we'd expect CRS and CCHD to be involved.  We also see the Catholic Climate Covenant.  Look at what is included among the workshops: "Best Practices in Responding to Racial Unrest"?  Well, along that vein, I'm happy to remind one and all that the Messiah Most Miserable is gone from the White House and his anointed "heir" was roundly defeated; that should keep some pot-stirring at bay.  So there must be other workshops not listed.  In light of my previous post, I wonder if one of them might be "How SJWs can wisely use bribery"?  That would be taught by CCHD personnel.

I refer you now to an article entitled "Dissenting Catholic Charities: Organizing For The Left".  It perfectly describes these SJW-faux-katholyc groups.  This so-called "Social Ministry Gathering" is a "case-in-point" example of the efforts of which Mr. Warner wrote.  I may have more on this gathering later, especially since it's happening in Washington DC.

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  1. try nearly 60 million since '73 and nearly 2 million a Year in the US.


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