Sunday, December 3, 2017

Did The Pope Just Answer the Dubia In The Worst Way Possible?

As way of review, I link to my post in which I published the original letter of the four Cardinals.  In that letter are the five dubia as they were formally promulgated.

In September of 2016, the pope wrote a letter to some Argentinian bishops in which he said that "in some cases", divorced and civilly remarried Catholics (that is, Catholics living in the mortal sin of adultery) could receive Holy Communion.  Furthermore, that letter stated that there was "no other interpretation" of Amoralis Lamentia possible.

Comes now the news that the pope has declared that this letter that he wrote to the Argentinian bishops is "authentic Magisterium".  That is, he has attempted to change the teaching of the Catholic Church that she received from Jesus Christ Himself centuries ago.  See here for another analysis.

Does the meme to the right depict the current state of affairs of the Church?  Does this new "magisterium" rise to the level of formal heresy?  If not, why?  If so, it would seem that we may not have a pope, save the Pope Emeritus.

At any rate, it would appear that the pope has indeed answered the first of the five dubia incorrectly.  Now will Cardinals Brandmuller and Burke issue the formal correction immediately?  How much more damage must ensue before that happens?


  1. I think Cardinal Burke just ran out of wiggle room......

    1. Every one just ran out of wiggle room, my friend. Time to exhort those closest to us, and who are ignorant of the urgency of the present moment, to return to the sacraments and especially to go to confession.

      "...But pray that your flight be not in the winter, or on the sabbath..." Mt. 24:20

      "Motus in fine velocior" (Motion accelerates when the end is near.)

    2. Don't disagree with what you say, but to be clear, Burke is particularly obligated to confront Francis. His failure to follow up on the dubia has only emboldened Francis.

  2. Hang on! It's going to be a VERY bumpy ride!!

  3. Benedict XVI has always been pope. It's been clear his abdication was illegal, and the "conclave" was fixed. Bergoglio is an anti-pope, that is why he can spew heresies with impunity. Unfortunately, no one in N.O. land will do anything about it, despite many knowing this fact to be true. From John XXIII on, it has been one warped pope after another, including "Saint" JPII, and Benedict. They've all had a significant part in the demolition of the Church. Most of these VII "saints" will be nullified, when the restoration occurs.

  4. The Church teaches that the pope has the charism of infallibility when solemnly teaching on faith and morals. I think that Pope Francis knows theology of the magisterium very well, and is constantly ducking that standard, but teaching heresy only in a non-solemn way that does not demand assent of faith. If he were ever to solemnly define heresy, it would be proof that he never was pope, I would think, not that he ceased to be pope. In any case, this latest appears to bind us to accept and follow that it is possible to discern that someone can do something in contradiction to Church teaching, which would mean that priests need to give permission for moral evil and/or for objective contradiction to the sacraments of matrimony, the eucharist, and penance (because absolution is given without amendment). However, not only does the letter give permission for a pastoral practice that is heretical, it also binds us to accept this heretical interpretation of the words of AL. Bear in mind, that the heretical interpretation of AL requires putting together various parts, and combining them with footnotes. So he has been very clever indeed, because one cannot point to a particular declaration of heresy, though it is hiding in plain sight, as all the orthodox intuitively recognize.

  5. Galatians 1:8 "But if even we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to that which we preached to you, let him be accursed. If "civil marriage" has now been raised to "sacramental marriage" as this interpretation of AL clearly points to then civilly "married" sodomites will have the right under AL to receive the sacraments as well. After all, they are "married" according to their god which is civil authority. We will be corrected by our almighty God and I pray that he has mercy.


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