Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Michael Sean Winters Has Betrayed His Liberal Comrades

Yes, dear liberals who troll this blog!  I almost hate to break the news to you if you haven't already seen it in the Not-At-All Catholic Reporter.  It appears that he does espouse capital punishment after all.  Knowing how its abolition is a cause that is near and dear to your hearts (in direct contradiction to Church tradition, but we've already discussed that), I surmise that your hearts must be broken by his (dare I say it?) mean-spirited rhtoric, to wit:

Normally, when I get into a debate with a conservative friend and we are at an impasse, with no hope for resolution, I try to ease the tension with levity, and say, "Well, when the revolution comes, I will put in a good word for you and your family." To my friends in the Republican political and legal establishment who have not stood up to Trump: When the revolution comes, you are on your own, and I will be clamoring not for mercy but for a seat next to the guillotine, where I can do my knitting.

Some of my friends have already pointed out Winters' rank hypocrisy in fantasizing about Trump supporters going to the guillotine, but that's not all he admits.  He admits that the whole progressive dreams for revolution will indeed be about violence, much like the Bolshevik revolution in Russia was, and the Communist takeover in China was as well.

I think I detect another verbal indiscretion on Winters' part in this article.  Here's the quote: Kennedy was my least favorite justice because he was the most libertarian of the justices. My liberal friends liked that he sided with them on same-sex marriage and upholding Roe but his reasons on both issues were always libertarian reasons, which are not my reasons.

Winters admits that he didn't disagree with Kennedy's favoring of Roe and same-sex "marriage", just his reasons.  So Winters dissents from God's laws that call these evils out as abominations, albeit for different reasons than did Kennedy.  Any doubts as to Winters' pro-baby-murder proclivities are now erased.

So my dear naive liberal friends, are your eyes now opened just a tad?   You've just been given a glimpse into the real mindsets of your progressive "dear leaders".  To those "dear leaders", do you realize that in Michael Sean Winters you have a blabbermouth who has just tipped your hand?

Ok, liberals.  You can now come out of your little safe spaces!  Open your eyes!  Time to #walkaway from liberalism and convert to the One True Faith!


  1. Unfortunately, reason and decency are in short supply in the USA.

  2. There is a movement to #walkaway, and hopefully many will. People's eyes may be opened and we should pray for that. It should be obvious to all that the Left has gone into full blown panic and is mindlessly thrashing about. They are a danger to one and all, and what they are truly saying, Michael Moore with his ridiculous "we have to put our bodies on the line now", when he means YOUR body, certainly not his! And all the other calls for violence, they mean the common rabble, anyone not THEM. These mouthpieces have no intention of getting dusted up, and they will positively not die for a cause, any cause, they will be sitting in their fine homes watching you on TV. Perhaps they will be seen for the hypocritical cowards they really are, MS Winters included. Once you have leaders calling for violence against others, you've gone off the rails, and the Left has. The Right tolerated a hostile president, clearly someone opposed to American history and her people, for 8 long years, and did not resort to anything even remotely close to endorsing violence, never, nor was their even a sufficient amount of resistance. The Right is generally full of decent human beings. The Left is generally full of violent anti-American thugs, but it seems as if they have shown who they are, and many good Americans within that group have realized the party is empty of ideas. Their only plan is insurrection and violence to the opposition. That plan will only get young people killed, but, no matter to them. In fact, they will use those to advance their Communist cause or try to.

  3. Indeed these progressive Communists are finally showing their true colors as to just how violent they actually are.....deep down. What they are actually saying is this....."The only good Trump supporter is a DEAD Trump supporter." Wow.....even so called 'Christian Progressives' are calling for heads on the chopping block. They are about as 'Christian' as Islamic extremists. Are we really sure that these 'Christians' aren't in fact 'SLEEPERS' for ISIS? I'm not so sure they haven't been 'radicalized' and crossed over to the other side. Would be nice if someone could investigate.

  4. The liberal socialist elites wi1ll be exterminated by their own leader. The 1st thing that happens after the top dogs get in power is to eliminate the useful idiots that betrayed their country and the people. Why would they trust their hopes and dreams to some idiot who betrayed everyone even themselves. The leaders like Nazi Lt. George Soros will not hesitate to exterminate the wealthy elitest, educators and others who were so useful in betraying their country.


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