Friday, July 6, 2018

John McAdams And The Faith Triumph Over Wayward Catholic University

LifeSiteNews carries the story of McAdam's two-year ordeal inflicted on him because he stood up for a faithful student.  The tyrants in this case are the administrators of Marquette University.  It is supposedly a Catholic institution, but since it's run by Jesuits, we know that in truth it's anything but Catholic.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court found that Marquette violated McAdam's rights and ordered him reinstated with full tenure, pay, benefits.  It's quite telling when a secular court has more sense of decency than Jesuits.


  1. A rare defeat of political correctness.

  2. Ms Abbate, the graduate student the criticism of whom got McAdams into trouble, has since moved to UColorado, where she pontificates on animal rights, the morality of traps, whether neutering animals is moral, etc. She describes herself as a feminist, which suggests to me that she probably has no problems with the morality of abortions, prenatal capital punishment, slicing and dicing third trimester fetuses, etc.


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