Friday, July 13, 2018

Church Militant Exposes Hypocrisy Of Diocese Of Helena Montana - Action Requested

Apparently two priests of the diocese and two others from a neighboring diocese attended a rally in clerical attire to support a pro-life Catholic who is running for US Senate.  President Trump also attended.  Some pro-aborts got into a hissy over it and complained to the diocesan administrator, Msgr. Kevin O'Neill.  He immediately waxed indignant at the two priests and browbeat them into an apology.


Church Militant obtained a photo of O'Neill attending the inauguration of pro-abort "katholyc" Governor Steve Bullock.  It sure appears to me that O'Neill is in his clerics sitting towards the front.  Bullock has voted to promote both abortion and homosexual perversion.  O'Neill also allows Bullock to receive Holy Communion in complete disobedience to Canon 915.  Bullock forks over healthy donations to the cathedral, so O'Neill happily accepts the "30 pieces of silver" in exchange for sacrilege against Holy Communion.

To the Catholics in the Diocese of Helena, I'd suggest that you boycott any collections until Msgr O'Neill issues an apology for:
  • Complete disregard for Canon 915
  • Toadying to the pro-abortion governor
  • His treatment of the four priests at the rally
Please let him know why you're boycotting.  The contact information is here.  Alternatively they have a facebook page.  Catholics of other locations should visit these sites and make their displeasure known.


  1. You forgot to mention the eternal damnation associated with voting for democrats and promotin democrat candidates. The priests at the Trump even were doing what those acting in persona Christi do, serving as a bridge between God and man; while those at democrat events and those who tell us we CAN vote for democrats are serving as a bridge between earth and hell.

    The message is simple: Vote Democrat = Mortal Sin. ANY democrat! Guy McClung, Texas


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