Friday, July 6, 2018

Pope Francis Joked Of McCarrick Going To Hell

These jokes happened twice over the years, and the Cardinal thought them so hilarious that he couldn't resist rehashing the "charming" anecdotes.  Some questions come immediately to mind.
  1. Hell is a serious business.  It is one of the main missions of priests to save people from that horrible fate and direct them to heaven.  Since when do competent priests consider hell to be a joking matter?
  2. If, as Ms. Yore suggests, Pope Francis knew of McCarrick's sordid conduct with young men, why did he not address it appropriately?  Was he afraid of McCarrick or were the jokes a "wink-wink" sort of approval of his behavior?
Let us pray for the gift of repentance to the cardinal and all clergy who have engaged in this conduct, lest they suffer the horrifying fate about which they so glibly joke today.


  1. Both of these evil men should be driven out of Christ's Holy Church.

    1. And they can take Fr James Martin with them!

  2. Nope. McCarrick will finish it out in relative peace and security, getting a lot more than four hots and a cot. He's got lots of happy memories to look back on. His boy molestations happened at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City, and when the pope came to visit, he showed him around there, surely walking right by the very place where he sexually molested young men. Men with this predilection don't seem to have any scruples about what they do. They aren't sorry, nor do they feel what they did was even wrong. This was l-o-v-e, and good for the boy or young man. There is no stopping these monsters, and they are monsters. Their sickness is not abated by sex with men, they need younger and younger victims to maintain the thrill. We, part of decent society, should not even have to discuss these disordered people, let alone tolerate them in our church.

  3. If you believe in the existence of hell, it is no joking matter. Souls do go there and it is hot and lasts forever.


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