Thursday, July 26, 2018

Call To Action For Catholics Of The Archdiocese Of Washington

Unless one is deliberately oblivious and clueless they cannot help but notice the revelations about Cardinal McCarrick and his sexual abuse of young men.  Actually, most of us have known this "open secret" but now all pretenses of secrecy have been jettisoned.

Ann Barnhardt has some plausible theories regarding the archdiocese' current prelate.  Whatever else Wuerl might or might not be, he certainly was an enabler for McCarrick.  And no, we are not such dunces as to believe that Cardinal Wuerl (or J Tobin or Farrell) were innocently unaware of what was transpiring under their noses.

I link now to a LifeSiteNews article written by a psychiatrist who has dealt with clergy sex abuse.  Here are two paragraphs that caught my eye.

In my clinical experience, bishops or those on their staff who are sexual heretics attempt to laicize loyal priests who did not abuse minors or adults and whose psychological conflicts can be resolved.  They also support or generate false accusations of abuse against loyal priests whom they then try to laicize.  As with Cardinal McCarrick, other bishops are aware of their hostile, passive-aggressive activities against loyal priests and the Church. 

Loyal priests are often told by their pastors or pressured by their bishops through his staff not to preach on contraception, sexual morality, marriage, fornication, homosexuality or adultery. Those who do not remain silent on these subjects are often victims of false accusations. Tragically, a ‘critical mass’ of homosexually inclined clergy has tipped the balance and the clergy who are faithful on sexual ethics are in danger of being falsely accused.

This very accurately describes the treatment meted out to Father Guarnizo at my parish just over six years ago.  Prior to his encounter with the lesbian who tried to take Communion from him, he was preaching on the evils of homosexuality during the weekday Masses.  Several guilty noses were thrown out of joint and they were looking for the opportunity to take him down.  When the Post picked up on the situation with the lesbian (My!  Didn't that happen with all speed?), they removed his faculties with barely the pretense of any due process.  I've no doubt that they would have laicized him, if he weren't actually incardinated in another diocese.

I absolutely agree that all who enabled McCarrick over the years should immediately resign.  That might mean an empty DC chancery, but that really would be no great loss.

Michael Voris has issued a call to action.  Part of that entails the boycott of any and all diocesan collections.  Obviously that is doubly incumbent upon us who reside in McCarrick's home diocese.  Let us start by boycotting the CCHD collection that will occur during the weekend of Aug 4-5.  We shouldn't be contributing one penny to that Alinskyian cash cow anyway.  However, we have a way to send a message to the chancery.  Don't just throw your envelopes away.  Inside your envelope, place a note in it and drop that in the collection basket.  Here is some suggested language for the note.

"I will not contribute one red cent to a fund that funnels money to anti-God and anti-life organizations.  Furthermore, I will never contribute again to any diocesan collection unless Cardinal McCarrick and his enablers atone for their crimes against young men, nature, and the God whom they pledged to serve."

Please pass this on to your fellow Catholics, especially within the Archdiocese of Washington.


  1. Did you know that the Archdiocese gets 8% of the weekly collection from each parish?

    To avoid this "tax" on my contributions, I have decided to write my weekly check made payable to my Pastor. I trust him to do what's best for our parish with it!

    1. Regardless of the payee named on the check, your pastor may be obliged to include your check in the "collection." Check with your pastor.

    2. We need to research matters such as this.

  2. For years those who reported those terrible sexual sins to "superiors" were the ones persecuted and marginalized. ALL the bishops, instead of meeting in comfy posh hotels to discuss immigration or climate change, should meet in a place where they can pray, fast, and do penance and actually call out the perverts among them to resign. But that would take a great grace wouldn't it? And those living the lie of a life of sodomy or approving of it would find that far too much to do but supernatural and heroic means are the only things that humans can do in this time of grave mortal sins on the part of our hierarchy and priests. Failing that, we must ask God to muck out His stables and cleanse His bride as far too many of His sheep are without shepherds to lead them in holiness.


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