Monday, July 30, 2018

The Patron Saint Of The USCCB!

Here he is!

Some of McCarrick's comrades are doing stellar jobs at emulating their patron saint!

Seriously, though, I'd urge you all to watch the video below.  The denials of Farrell, Wuerl, etc are brazenly dishonest.  I again urge you to implement this immediately; find some like-minded Catholics in your areas to help promulgate this so that the boycott will have optimum impact.


  1. Much like Obama administration & dems- put out decision on this evildoer & colleague press releases on weekend. Denials on ALL fronts. This ain’t their first rodeo. They’ve had LOTS of experience with dodging, covering and moving priests & bishops around starting with alcoholics & moving on to active homosexuals. Watch what happens next- the younger/newer bishops will come out with boiler plate statements that THEY weren’t around when ALL of this took place! Trust me- active practicing homosexuals are among the current crop of bishops & priests. They have gotten better at hiding their activities. A good reporter/detective could follow these guys around & easily find the truth! Many times their “lovers” are now in a different city or state.

  2. It looks like the Lord God is beginning to 'drain the swamp'. And......He's just getting started.


  3. If all of them have accepted as a pope an accomplice of pedophiles that allowed them with impunity to rape our Catholic children and seminarians in Argentina.


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