Tuesday, November 6, 2018

All In The Interests Of Collegiality And Dialogue - Right?

An Italian author, Aldo Maria Valli, has published a compilation of the writings of Archbishop Vigano.  However, Vatican officials are applying pressure to the publishing house to restrict future editions.  That is hardly what we'd call "dialogue", isn't it?  Of what is the pope afraid?

Meanwhile, in Washington DC, the current nuncio relayed a "request" from Vatican Secretary of State Parolin to the US bishops that Cardinal Burke not be invited to give talks.  This is just the latest insult to have been proffered to the Cardinal since Francis assumed the papacy.  Parolin relayed this request orally to deny Burke the right to appeal.

Parolin is giving lots of these oral requests lately.  He also orally communicated to Bishop Schneider of Kazakhstan that he is to reduce his travels and to clear any travel plans with the local nuncio.

Let's be clear.  Vigano, Burke and Schneider are good prelates who are defending Tradition against the human wrecking balls that now occupy the highest places in the Vatican.  The pope et al are in full panic mode, as if we, the Great Unwashed, are too stupid to see through their shenanigans.  They have absolutely no real interest in "dialogue".  Their "collegiality" masks are being discarded and we can now see them for the tyrants they are, hell-bent on undermining the teachings of Jesus Christ.  They will mow down anyone in their way - if they can.  Will we let them?


  1. It would appear that these three will not be "FrancisCatholic" certified. (So all the more reason to listen carefully to their every spoken word!)

    1. That's right. If Francis persecutes them...they are faithful Catholics and we should listen to them!


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