Saturday, November 10, 2018

Archdiocese Of Baltimore Aids And Abets Border Crashers

Canon 212 pointed me to this article from Not-At-All Catholic Reporter.  Given its dissident slant, NCR speaks glowingly of this nonsense.  However, it is scandalous on several fronts.

This isn't the first time that Lori has pandered to border-crashers.  Dare I opine that the scent of federal grants is a strong impetus for this pandering?

One of the parishes that will roll out this program is St Matthews - yes, that St Matthew's!  This sorry excuse for a parish has openly participated in Baltimore's "gay pride" parades during the summers.  Lori ostensibly told them that they were not to carry signs that identify the parish in last summer's parade.  Mind you, he didn't tell them not to particpate at all, but just to keep the parish name hush-hush.  Of course St Matthew's flouted that directive anyway.  So what did Lori do?  Absolutely nothing.  He just turned a blind eye as he always has.  A real bishop with half a spine and sense of duty would have placed that errant parish under interdict a long time ago in addition to defrocking the dissident pastor.  Doesn't it make one wonder just what Muth et al are holding over Lori's head?  And now we hear that Lori is giving them a prominent role in his own smooching up to illegal aliens.

We also hear that an outfit called Baltimore United In Leadership Development is also playing a prominent role.  Now click on its "about us" subpage.  Notice that they are affiliates of the Industrial Areas Foundation.  The IAF was founded by Saul Alinsky himself.  Please study the posts in the preceding two links to understand why it's most harmful for the Church in Baltimore to grant legitimacy to any Alinskyite organization.

So there you have it!  To curry favor with the progressives running Baltimore and to glom onto some grants tied to illegal immigration, the Archdiocese of Baltimore is striking hands with both a flaming dissident parish and a left-wing Alinskyite organization.  What could possibly go right with this arrangement?

I believe the Archdiocese of Baltimore is conducting its CCHD in-pew collection in a weekend or two.  This is one collection that should be totally boycotted.


  1. Why are our bishops such pansies? Why don't they have the courage to do the right thing with homosexualist clergy?

    One possibility: in Milwaukee, about 30% of active priests are homosexual (that's from testimony of Fr Bryan Massingale.) If a Bishop does a smackdown of an activist priest, he risks having a big chunk of priests "retire" immediately. That would be a problem, in the view of the pansy-Bishops.

  2. Here's another possibility: Lori is dying for a red hat!

  3. We're actually praying for an extraordinary change of heart and conscience to take place in Baltimore this week!!! We pray it's a outpouring of faithfull Catholics to be recond with.......unlike our Bishops have seen in their lifetime!

    St. MIchael the Archangel defend us in battle................

  4. Oh God in heaven, we are still so woefully behind. Will we ever catch up??

    These men in the church, our pope, our bishops, our Cardinals, are one of only TWO KINDS of men.

    One: Active destroyers, non-Catholic, Catholicism hating, Masonic/Sodomite/Pagan destroyers. They work day and night to pillage the church and the faith. They have no care for God, nor the church, and certainly not you or me. They care about MONEY and their own comfort and wrecking the faith.

    Two: Passive destroyers of the church. Cowardly, weak, effeminate, possibly blackmailable men, who are too comfortable to chance their cozy spots. They don't care enough to even make noises as if they don't like what's going on, most cheer the pope and his destruction like the disgusting pansies they are.
    Some make mouse squeaks but that's all they will ever do. Life's too cushy for them to chance it.

    That's it. That's what we've got. The only churchman thus far who has really done what he could is Abp. VIGANO, who understands how evil these men are and had to go into hiding for fear of his life.
    I do not want to rain on anyone's parade, nor upset people with the obvious truth, but we are just so far behind the reality curve.
    We need to pray to God for help, and stop feeding the beast ourselves. These bishops made 500 MILLION DOLLARS from the US federal government over the last 9 years, bringing in immigrants to the US.

    THEY WILL NOT STOP. The money is too good, and they need that vacation house on the beach for their parties and rent boys. Christendom is disappearing in Europe and the US, the Christians are already suffering greatly from the Muslims, but does this pope care, or do these men? No. They see what Islam is doing to Europe already, but they want more, more, MORE of Islam in Christendom. And we still wonder why they don't do the minimally decent thing? Because they are indecent men. Evil men, almost all of them.

    People, I know it's bad, but hiding from reality is not helping.
    Give your priests gift cards if you must, not cash, not checks. We have little recourse, but it's not nothing. Only a cessation of giving gets the attention of these men. We are subsidizing destroyers.
    God help us.


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