Saturday, November 3, 2018

Sinister Uses For Synodality

Chris Ferarra released a piece a few days ago that I believe details nicely the purpose that Pope Francis seems to have for all these "sin-nod" gab-fests.  I too have believed that these things are nothing short of expensive smoke-and-mirror gimmicks designed to get us to swallow the latest insults to Faith and Tradition.  To his list I might have added the pre-sinnod "listening sessions" along with all sorts of dissidents brought in for "preparatory meetings".  Anyway, the pope might as well save the Church a few million dollars and dispense with these dog-and-pony shows and just go about slashing and burning the Teachings of Our Lord Himself.  But I suppose there really are some people who allow themselves to get snookered by all the artificial hoopla.  We see similar conclusions drawn by LifeSiteNews.

I will now post a discussion by Robert Royal and the "papal posse's" thoughts just at the conclusion of the sin-nod.

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  1. But what about "listening to the young"? And how else are we to "smell the sheep"?

    I can't wait for the return of guitar Masses.


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