Thursday, November 8, 2018

Holiness And Toxic Masculinity

This is the first that I've heard of this blogger "Vermont Crank" but I believe he/she is onto something in this post.  We are being told, ad infinitim and ad nauseuum, about the dangers of "toxic masculinity".  How often are real men demonized as dangerous?  How often are boys punished for having interests traditionally associated with boyhood?  The truth is that the progressive states find it difficult to exert control over real men so they are constantly trying to convert them into "pajama boys".

Our prelates have taken up this false mantra, constantly depicting Jesus and the saints as wimpy flower children.  I believe that's why our liturgies have become, at best, orgies of sentimentality and emotionalism (at worst, they are downright blasphemous and heretical, but we'll leave that for other posts for now).  The meme below touches upon that quite well.  Let us encourage real masculinity, and femininity too, as Our Lord designed us.


  1. There certainly are very few real men amongst the Episcopate!

  2. Maybe they would play a rousing rendition of "All Are Welcome" for the saint?


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