Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Strong Protest And More

In LifeSiteNews we read commentary about a blog post written by Msgr Charles Pope.  Msgr Pope encourages all to protest and write very specific letters to the papal nuncio.  While I agree that this step would be helpful, that is not all we can and should do.

One step that many of us have been touting is the withholding of donations to the local bishops.  Money, or lack thereof, does seem to be one language that these errant prelates understand.  Boycott the various collections, but be sure to let the bishops know exactly why your donations have ceased.

Be sure that among your fellow parishioners that you broach the various issue facing the Church.  Don't let them fade from their minds.

Here's another action item that Michael Voris implemented when he found himself on the same flight as Bishop Malone.  See the Vortex below to see him in action.  Then look below that for more discussion.

We can all do this - and we must, particularly if you are so unfortunate as to have one of these gay-enablers in your chancery.  Don't be afraid to picket them, especially when they rub elbows with pro-aborts and other dissidents.  Eight years ago we did precisely that, when both then-Cardinal McCarrick and Sr Carol Keehan were honored at the commencement for Gonzaga High.  This was just a few months after Keehan wielded her influence to foist upon us all the Obamacare Hell Bill.  Given what we know now, thanks to Archbishop Vigano's various testimonies, it is quite possible that at that time, McCarrick was flouting Pope Benedict's directives not to say Mass in public.  At that time we had no way of knowing that.  Still, his appearance with Keehan was its own travesty.  We picketed that.  See this blog post and the video embedded therein.  Towards the end of that video you'll see McCarrick receiving a well-deserved earful.  We must all be at the ready to deliver the same.


  1. In a way, we must thank God that, as He allows us to be punished by such a horrible Pope, Bishops and Cardinals (and some priests such as James Martin), He gives us ample ways to understand what an enemy of the Church looks like!

  2. Give em the Sara Sanders and Ted Cruz in the restaurant treatment. But make sure you have at least 4 or 5 people. Notice that the wiccan with Biship Malone accused Voris of assaulting her. If there are many, and they are loudly asking questions of the bishop, and if she claims assault, then it is time to move in and bump, and she and the bishop will be intimidated, and if they claim assault, the crowd can claim they were struck first. Remember, we are the Church Militant.


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