Monday, November 5, 2018

Tomorrow - Make Sure You Vote

Tomorrow we vote in the "off-year" elections.  Every seat in the House of Representatives and approximately 33 seats in the Senate are up for grabs.  Additionally, there are many local elections occurring as well.  The stakes are high in this particular election, as many progressives are seeking to derail the improvements that President Trump has made so far.

We had quite a problem with some folks who adopted the hashtag #nevertrump two years ago.  I would have thought that the improvements wrought by Trump these past two years might have encouraged them to see the imprudence of their stances.  Unbelievably so, many still dig their heels in, declaring with some stinking pride that they will simply not vote at all.  I dealt with this two years ago and will not rehash my rebuttals of that foolishness; see here for an anthology of those posts.

Now let's look at some Maryland races (since I'm in Maryland).  It goes without saying that I intend to "vote red", that is, vote for the GOP candidate.  While I'm not completely enamored with some of them, I know the Democrats in Maryland embrace anti-God and progressive platforms.  As far as possible, they need to be kept at bay.

We also have elections for the board of education.  So for whom do we vote in these races?  Well, the Maryland Education Association puts out their "apple ballot" of endorsements.  Here it is.  I simply study their list, and then vote for the "apple candidates'" opponents.  We know that the National Education Association is dedicated to turning public schools into progressive indoctrination camps; the MDEA is simply their local chapter.

Ora et labora.  Pray your rosaries and vote.


  1. H and I going fist thing in the AM... Hope you're doing much better....

  2. May God intervene in this election, just as He did in 2016.

    And may He save His Church!


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