Friday, November 9, 2018

The USCCB Resenting Faithful Catholics

Today Michael Voris received a call from the Baltimore City Police Department.  Apparently the officer received from the USCCB a request for "help".  The bishops are slandering those faithful Catholics who will be participating in the Silence Stops Now prayer effort that will happen outside the bishops' semi-annual meeting.  They have accused those Catholics of plotting violence.  In their railing against faithful Catholics, they accuse them of adopting antifa-like tactics.  By the way - when did you last here any of these bishops denounce the violence carried out by the real antifa over these past few years?  Neither did I - but I digress.  The vortex is immediately below, but I also have more news of the US establishment wailing and gnashing their teeth at us.

An entire slew of officials from various Catholic "charitable" organizations are shocked - shocked! - that faithful Catholics are reluctant to give to them in light of the clergy sex abuse scandals.  Sr. Donna Markham, CEO of Catholic Charities, is "deeply concerned" about the donation drop-off.  I might suggest to her that she cease the efforts of Catholic Charities to help sneak into this country thousands of illegal immigrants.  I might suggest that local offices cease their needle exchange programs.  A reminder - Sr Donna was a supporter of the pro-abortion Obamacare.  Why on earth would any decent Catholic think that Catholic Charities is a worthy steward of Catholic donations?

In response to this problem (question - since this involves the shrinkage of donations, does this matter rise to the status of a "massive, massive crisis"?), these leaders have consulted with Alexia Kelly.  Now when have we heard that name before?  Yep!  She sounds like quite the expert, doesn't she?

Meanwhile, the Lepanto Institute revealed today yet another reason why the CCHD collections in a few weeks should be totally boycotted.

We havc more conclusive proof that they do listen to the language of money.  We need to speak it - namely by our withholding of it.  Let that cause them to quake in their boots.


  1. These beasts need to be starved to death!

  2. These 'men' give a whole new meaning to the word "DISGUSTING". These are 'men of the Church'?? I don't think so.

  3. What they really resent are faithful Catholics with informed consciences who hold them to their ecclesiastical duties & are willing to withhold financial support unless & until they publicly repent of their errors & uphold the Deposit of Faith & Tradition of the OHC&A Church they have been appointed to serve.

  4. It makes me very sad that this has happened to Catholic Charities. I was adopted out of a Catholic Charities orphanage in 1961 by wonderful Catholic parents. We have lost so much. I pray that it will all return to us one day by Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

  5. Money has worked in the past to clean up the Church:

  6. Don’t just withhold. Divert to FSSP or TLM community of your choice.

  7. Deo Gratias! for Restore DC. This article is Spot On spewing truth.

    You gotta read David Torkington's The Elephant In The Room at website Catholic Stand.

    Excerpt of my comment there;

    Deo Gratias! Thank God for you, David T.

    I too have the guilt of my silence.

    ”Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer

    The clerical homopredators, the sodorapist prelates, their personally-wealthy bishop enablers both active homosexualists and not, the Judas-thieving archbishops who stole billions of the widows' mites and the faithfuls' dollars, and the criminal cardinals who shuttled the perverts, pederasts, and pedophiles across state lines for criminal purposes - for over 50 years - not only relied on, but demanded, our silence.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Guy McClung, Texas

  8. So . . . the bishops ARE capable of calling the police after all? Only not about sexually abhsed minors.


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