Sunday, November 18, 2018

The Pope's Hatchet Men

Towards the beginning of the debacle known as the USCCB meeting in Baltimore, Cardinal DiNardo, president of the USCCB, announced the pope's orders to shelve any vote on measures to deal with the episcopal sex abuse scandals.  It was apparent the DiNardo made the announcement with much chagrin and some of the bishops were likewise displeased at the announcement.  Right away Cardinal Cupich stood up and declared that the pope was taking the matter seriously.  It was clear that he knew of the pope's intentions and his mission was to run interference for the pope.

Throughout the meeting it was apparent that Cupich was the de facto head honcho of the meeting, along with Cardinal Wuerl.  A few months ago Wuerl elicited well-deserved scorn for suggesting that bishops should investigate one another: specifically, an accused bishop should be investigated by his metropolitan, as Archbishop Lori is ostensibly doing with Bishop Bransfield.  In other words, the foxes should guard the hen houses.   That is precisely what Wuerl and Cupich tried to cram down the throats of the other bishops.  Here is a video, but more follows this video.

Another henchman is Cardinal Joseph Tobin.  As Tobin was checking out of the hotel after the meeting, George Neumayr intercepted him and asked him several questions.  Tobin didn't bother to deny that Italian actor Francesco Castiglione was living in his rectory - but didn't give any plausible reason why.  It may be reasonable to opine that he was the intended recipient of the "nighty-night baby I love you" tweet.  I pray that Tobin was being honest when he said that he wouldn't be foisted upon the DC archdiocese as its next bishop.

A few bishops - but only a few - spoke up with some truth at that meeting.  See the video below.  Meanwhile, Legatus, an organization of Catholic businessmen, announced that they would be withholding their annual donations to the Vatican in light of their abysmal performance.  No doubt they want reassurances that their donations won't be used to cover up the mortal sins of clergymen.  We need to do that as well - withhold our donations until they get serious and clean the filth from their own ranks.


  1. The Italian actor living in Cd. Tobin's rectory. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

    1. Someone needs to tell Francesco that he can do much better!

    2. Following in the footsteps of Paul VI!

    3. You mean SAINT Paul VI (the first saint of the gay pervchurch).

  2. With blogs like this, you will never make it on the "approved" list!


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