Saturday, August 24, 2019

Left-Wing Bloggers Are Reacting To Uncensored Truth

The Catholic left-wing mainstream media are bunching their undies over the fact that  their monopolistic stranglehold  over the flow of information to faithful Catholics has been broken.  They cite specifically LifeSiteNews, Church Militant, and Crisis magazine.  Frankly I think that we  smaller bloggers have had our hand in this too, and I find it curious that they omit mention of George Neumayr. is a site run by one such left-winger, Mike Lewis.  In his post yesterday, he comments on an article  by Michael Sean Winters, in which Winters plays Chicken Little by accusing us of fomenting schism.  Apparently Winters is suggesting that the bishops, in their November USCCB meeting, address the all-important question of "to what degree are the seeds of a de facto schism being sown within the U.S. church?"

So that is what he suggests should be the diversion main question instead of minor matters such as:
  • "How many of us in this USCCB meeting need to resign yesterday over our coverups and even personal commissions of homosexual rapes?"
  • "How will we bring fidelity and discipline back to  the celebration of the Sacraments?"
  • "What steps will we take to begin immediate obedience to Canon 915?"
But those things are such trivialities, you see?  They don't amount to a hill of beans comparied to facilitation of border crashing, governmental gun-grabs from decent people, climate change (more on this later), etc.

So this Mike Lewis doesn't like us mean old "extremists" spouting "dangerous narratives".  Let's take a look at Mr Lewis.  His bio sketch at the end of his site indicates Maryland residence - not too surprising.  Looking at his Linkedin profile, we see that he's Director of Operations at Catholic Climate Covenant.  He appears to be relatively new at that organization so he wasn't there when I and other "extremists" exposed their shenanigans.  Maybe had he looked at what we said, he might have had cause to pause.  But maybe they were right up his ally anyway.  Lewis is also a frequent guest on Mark Shea's radio program.  Mark Shea is another left-leaning pundit who has from time to time had hissy-snits to hurl our way, with language that some could call "colorful".  I refuse to link to his stuff for Patheos pays its bloggers according to the click counts accumulated by the sites.

We are getting their attention; that is why we are seeing all the temper tantrums.  We can surmise that others of good will are being given food for thought as well.


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    1. I thank you for your support of the babies. I too support the pope AS HE STANDS WITH SACRED TRADITION. Failure to kneel before the Blessed Sacrament (while kneeling before protestants, etc), making allowances for adulterers to commit sacrilege in Holy Communion, etc is NOT in keeping with Sacred Tradition. Because I and my blogging colleagues point out the obvious, you and Winters and probably some others want the USCCB to "address the problem". In other words, you don't like the message so you contemplate shooting the messenger. We'll call you out on that too.

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  2. Agreed. And you don't get emotional! A sign you are tuned in to the original, demanding, humbling faith which promotes at least a modicum (actually much more of course) of recollection. Silence is the best policy for me... I pity those using twitter - my life carrying it along would be ghastly, one huge time wasting pit of delusion and entanglement with the Devil. He exalts over what goes on when people take themselves and their opinions so seriously that they can't rise above themselves even to save their lives . . . their inner lives.

  3. Michael Sean Winters is an ideological prostitute. Always has been. Always will be. For a Catholic blogger to quote him is circular reasoning at its "finest."

  4. These folks are as dumb as a bag of hair!

  5. It's awesome, they're starting to feel it. They don't mind a bit stirring up the mainstream Catholics do they. They've identified "the enemy", us, and given them their marching orders. This is no different than the other dog whistles the Left uses to identify, isolate, and attack their targets, people that are usually on the side of what is good and decent, common sense, American, or Christian. Everybody has a part to play, even the armchair activist. We may get sick of it, walk away for awhile, but we need to come back and get in the fight, because it's starting to pay off.
    I want to be a thorn to these people, that is my goal. When they start to whine, they're feeling it. Good.

  6. Like most of the Vatican II Church, is left wing totalitarian, supposed Catholic, web site run by a "Pope" Francis-esque demagogue. The point of this site is, of course, to mask the reality of the state of the Church especially our current "Pope".

    I tried once to make a comment and was immediately banned. But it is interesting that once you enroll on this site it is not possible to unsubscribe nor is it possible to automatically convey the mailing to junk mail. Thus I suspect the devil is involved in all of this.

  7. Lately Lewis is teaming up not only with Winters but also angry Mark Shea! There's a message there.

  8. I think the funniest part of these comments is how well they conform to the requirements below to "be respectful and courteous to others". You all have a very different definition of those words than I do. It's also funny how you think you are not in "dissent" with the Magisterium - accusing the "post Vatican II church" (as if it is not the true church), and somehow thinking that issues of immigrants, gun control and climate change are not part of the Magisterial teachings. I can recommend a great number of books for those of you who would like to see what the Church actually teaches.

    Oh, and I am awed by your reveling in being annoying and stalking; how very Christ-like of you.

    1. Deacon, with all due respect, you confuse loyalty, courtesy and respect with blind group identity and the refusal to think for oneself, like all too many Catholics. If you think that Francis' arrogant revisionism on capital punishment (which comes directly from JPII's own arrogant revisionism that discarded centuries of teaching from both Scripture and Tradition), then you are pathetically malformed theologically, like all too many Catholics (especially in the hierarchy).

      If you seriously believe that "Magisterial" comments on gun control (which good people can disagree about), climate change (which is a fraud) and immigration (which is nothing but a call for open borders in conjunction with the Vatican's embrace of materialist globalism) are things that Catholic must be silent about, then you don't want mature Christians. You want dumb sheep who will agree with your assessment that 2+2=5 because "The Church Says So."

      Clerical sycophants like you and your ignorant superiors have turned Catholicism into an abomination before a holy, righteous God. Pope Leo XIII saw this in the vision that motivated him to compose the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel. Why don't you look up that vision for yourself? If you're not frightened by the implications, then you're not a serious Christian.

      And if you think this is too "disrespectful" and "discourteous" to your tastes, why don't you read what Jesus said to the Pharisees in Matthew 23? The members of the current hierarchy and their sycophants are no less whitewashed tombs than the religious leaders of Jesus' day were.

      One final question, Deacon: How much money does the USCCB get from the Mexican cartels to promote unfettered immigration?

    2. The PERFECT Francisdeacon! It's all about social justice! Wake up, Deacon.

    3. Deacon Don Weigel:

      Catholic moral theology has definite teachings that shed light on the "issues" of immigration, gun control, and the climate hoax.

      Immigration: People have the right to live in a nation with borders, where their lives, property, liberties, and religion are secure. Immigrants have the duty to respect all these rights, assuming that the citizens have judged the country capable of accepting them in the first place. Cf. the Catechism of the Catholic Church--including the paragraph that the USCCB never quotes.

      Gun Control: People have the right to defend their lives and liberties against criminals--both outside and inside government. Duly enacted just laws should be obeyed. For example: The Second Amendment.

      The Climate Hoax: Catholic moral teaching forbids lying, in all its permutations. Dishonest, alarmist, totalitarian propaganda is one of those. The temperature of the Earth has not changed in the past 20 years. The experience of the human race is that when the Earth HAS been warmer, the effects are overwhelmingly positive: fewer and milder storms, less disease, longer growing seasons, fewer people freezing to death, etc. Cf. the Medieval Warming Period, the Roman Warming Period.

      Bergoglio is a cog in a propaganda machine that aims to kill a billion of the world's poorest people--FOR STARTERS. Why have pro-life professors been purged from the JPII institutes, and replaced with PRO-ABORTION professors? Why do you think he has turned the Vatican over to pro-abortion, pro-eugenics, pro-contraception, climate-alarmist one-worlders? Why is Jeffrey Sachs such a fixture? Why does Bergoglio work hand-in-glove with, and make goo-goo eyes at, Emma Bonino, the world's most famous abortionist?

    4. Deacon, I've taken the time to peruse your blog. Therein you bloviate about gun control, amnesty for border-crashers, death penalty, giving all the progressive talking points. As Joseph mentioned above, not a one of these is Magisterial teaching. In fact, what the current pope is saying about the death penalty is in direct opposition to Church Tradition and can be construed as heresy.

      With all your highfalooten talk of "social justice", I might have hoped for at least a token acknowledgment of the horror of baby-slaughter. Perhaps I missed it, but I found not one mention of that most grave violation of social justice. I am not one bit surprised, sad to say.

      As for "reveling in being annoying and stalking", I believe that fits you perfectly. But by all means carry on and let all the world see your words and behavior.

    5. Wow. That blog is like reading an endless stream of press releases from the U.S. Bishops' Committee on Left-Wing Handwringing.

    6. Deacon Weigel--"post Vatican II church" (as if it is not the true church)" As if?? The post Vatican II Church is nearly entirely Protestant which was the point of Vatican II. It worked. 70% of Catholics no longer believe in the Real Presence, 90% practice contraception, and only a small minority go to Mass every Sunday.


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