Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Reveling In Sin By Dance

Eureka!  We've found it!  The cure for global warming!  Oh, joy!  The world and all humanity is saved!

Of course this dance company would be from San Francisco, the home of everything silly and tooty-fruity.  Speaking of which, notice the gay-themed dance beginning at the 0:22 mark?  Doesn't it bear some resemblance to this sacrilege?  I say "sacrilege" for that piece of pornographic "dance" was done at St. Peter the Apostle Church in Montreal.

By the way, does anyone else grasp the irony of this envirowhacko "dance company" throwing green confetti all over the place?  Maybe they recycle it afterwards, but eventually they will trash it.  For shame!  How many poor, helpless trees died for this production?  How many other pieces of long-green did the audience plunk down to watch this drivel?

As far as the other, the people who put on that sacrilege at St Peter's Church - especially the clergy who allowed it to occur - had better repent of the sin of sodomy before their eternal fates revolve around "global warming" of the most horrifying kind.


  1. Thanks for this! I haven't laughed so hard in DECADES!

  2. Insanity reigns or maybe it rains in green confetti. It certainly needs to be reined in. I couldn't watch the blasphemy at the cathedral beyond the first few seconds. What is it St. Paul says about men burning with lust for one another and people who copulate with animals? Besiality and sex with children are the next boundaries to be annihilated. Keep your eyes on the American Psychological Association. Their latest dance with the devil is promoting consensual non-monogamy including sex with multiple partners at the same time. Forget about that silly exhortation for "husbands (to) love their wives as Christ loves the Church." We're living in the brave new world!



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