Friday, August 30, 2019

Regarding Fuller's Suicide, The Clergy Knew Beforehand

Father Dupont knew of Fuller's diabolical plans at that Mass.  Dupont is not the pastor of St Therese in Seattle; rather, he is a priest who regularly assists with Masses and who frequently said Masses at which Fuller attended.  He gave Fuller a "blessing" and even embroiled First Communicant children in his stunt, giving scandal to them.  Now what was it that Jesus said about those giving scandal to little ones?  Oh, yes!

Regarding Fuller's funeral, Seattle Archbishop Sartain gave approval for a Church funeral, in direct contradiction to Canon law.  In recent years, funerals have been granted to suicides, assuming that they were not in their right minds when they committed the act.  However, Fuller's suicide was methodically planned.  He had a party to celebrate his planned sin and even compounded that sin with the celebration of his sodomite relationship by "marrying" his accomplice in sodomy just before his suicide.  I link now to a Church Militant article where two bishops are cited as stating that unrepentant homosexuals cannot be given Church funeral rites.

So here we have two clerics, one a bishop, cooperating with several mortal sins committed by Fuller this past May.  They have cheapened God's laws and the value of human life.  We pray for their own repentance.


  1. This scandal is yet another tragic example of the Homosexual Network Strangling the Church, in the immortal words of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.

    The clerics involved “lie shamelessly” in denial, banking on the stupidity of the sheep and the backing of Francis, who is indeed the head of the Homosexual Network Strangling Holy Mother Church. They all should indeed as you suggest read up on millstones.

    Immaculate Heart, please free us from this plague of homosexual priests, bishops and Antipope.

  2. Correct. This was no 'run of the mill' suicide. We have had in the past a couple of Funeral Masses for suicide victims where the circumstances were almost surely insufficient if not totally absent premeditation, for reasons of severe mental illness etc. THIS was not THAT! This poor soul spent MONTHS planning his suicide, openly and with help from 'friends'....(friends?) Plus the fact that he was OPENLY homosexual and 'married' his current partner hours before killing himself? (that little tid bit alone was enough to bar him from a Catholic funeral) And....he claimed to be a 'Shaman' with 'Ancestral Guides' and had 'Clairvoyant Friends'? This man should have been denied Holy Communion long before his suicide plans were even a twinkle in his eye. The Pastor didn't know about his 'irregularities'? I have a hard time believing he didn't. And for 'Fr. Dupont' to give him a blessing with the First Communicants 'assisting'? I cannot even fathom anything more diabolical. This entire evil charade was a huge promotion for the Hemlock Society.....heck.....a huge promotion for Satanism within the Church of Christ for that matter!!! I'm not sure who is going to end up being more responsible for this man's soul, him or the clerics and prelates that went along to get along. This is all not to speak of the 'OK' given by the Church for others to follow in his footsteps. The entire Church and all buildings connected need a major exorcism and then a rededication. And all the Churchmen who participated need to be defrocked. FULL. STOP.

    Mary Help of Christians pray for us! We are now face to face with Satan himself inside our own parishes. St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle...

  3. The Church too, for more than fifty years, has been on a suicidal course. This priest is just another example of this. May God have mercy on HIS soul.

  4. Just as bad: we now have a Catholic Bishop attending a Lutheran woman's "Ordination" as a "Bishop". God help the Church!


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