Saturday, August 31, 2019

Something's Fishy With This Poop Video

Bear in mind that every day babies are being deliberately slaughtered by the thousands.  In the middle east Christians are also being murdered simply because they are Christians.  In China, as a result of the pope's betrayal, Christians are seeing their churches destroyed and their lives being placed in jeopardy.  All manners of sexual perversion are now being celebrated as Christians find themselves persecuted for simply living their faith.  Just recently we saw the Seattle Church utterly betray Jesus Christ as they literally ushered an unrepentant gay "shaman" to his likely eternal perdition.

Now the September installment of the "Pope Video" has been released.  In it, for what does Pope Francis suggest we pray?  Is it for any of the serious problems listed above?  Nope!

We are being asked to pray for a bunch of damned fish!

Notice that when the pope says that fish "are threatened for various reasons" we see one of those evil motor boats with propellers churning?  That's because big bad mankind is killing all the fishees, see?

So now we're supposed to pray that "politicians, scientists and economists work together to protect the world's seas and oceans".  Not babies, not marriage, not persecuted Christians but "seas and oceans"!

It's obvious that this poop video is nothing more than a cheesy attempt to prime us for the Amazon Sin-nod and its gaia-worship, environmentalist screeds.  By the way - I still haven't finished my penitential study of that Instrumentum Laboris mess.  I hope to do that soon.


  1. We are in bigger trouble than I ever imagined. What a complete joke this Poop is!

  2. I have only read parts of the "Instrumentum Laboris" garbage, but from what I have read and from every account it does nothing but attempt to usher Paganism into the Church of Christ. The name of Jesus I have not seen mentioned. Married priests and the ordination of women is only a side line to what they really want. They want a non Christian faith. When the German prelates are saying that after the 'Sin-odd' nothing will be the same in the Church.....they mean it. Even the far left crowd couldn't defend the document but are telling the faithful not to get their undies in a bundle, it's 'only' the working document and everything could look a lot different when they're done (attempting to gut the Church). Lord have mercy on us, Our Lady of Fatima pray for us.

  3. The Amazon synod goal is to allow aging German prelates to move there and find a young tribal girl (or boy) to love.

  4. I didn't realize they were still making this videos


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