Thursday, August 22, 2019

Undermining Church Teaching On Marriage And Family Life

I'm going to refer you now to this LifeSiteNews article about this facet of this pope's efforts to remake the Church into some kind of progressive wasteland.  His destruction of the John Paul Institute for Marriage and the Family marches on.  Read that article and watch the video below.

What I find peculiar and somewhat ominous is how quickly the pope moved with that motu proprio just days after Cardinal Caffara (one of the dubia cardinals as well as founding director) died.  How could that have been made ready so quickly?


  1. This Pope is demonic! He has sown so much confusion, I hardly know up from down!

  2. Oh no, there was no fast moving on this Motu Proprio, it HAD to be done long before his death. The funeral of Card. Caffara had not even taken place yet, let alone was he even buried! It SMELLS to the high heaven! When are the majority of the Catholic faithful going to wake up and smell the coffee that this 'Pope' is in the process of burning the Church to the ground? And.....we still have the infamous 'Amazon Sinod' right around the corner! Paganism for EVERYONE!


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