Friday, August 2, 2019

Archbishop Gregory Opens Mouth And Inserts Both Feet

Archbishop Gregory made one of his first public addresses a day or so ago.  He took the occasion to lob a pot-shot at President Trump for accurately stating that parts of Baltimore are filled with both trash and violent crimes.  He spun the president's remarks to insinuate that Trump aimed derogatory remarks at the Baltimore citizens themselves.  Quite frankly, both Gregory's and Lori's remarks are themselves dishonest and nonsensical.

Both Lori and Gregory are part of the liberal Church establishment.  They get lots of favors by doing the bidding of their Democrat task-masters.  They are coming to the defense of those task-masters because it's the Democrats that have been in charge of Baltimore for over 50 years.  Baltimore has not seen a Republican mayor since Theodore McKelden left that office in 1967.  Democrats have been at the helm since then - and two of those Demorats were the father and brother of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  But that's just a coincidence, I'm sure (ahem)!  There are many questions as to how Baltimore handled Federal grants throughout the years; where did that money go??

By the way - Washington DC has gone down the tubes as well.  DC's mayors have all been Democrats for the past 45 years.  Lori and Gregory should take a walk on their respective cities' wild sides and see for themselves how their cities have fared under their Democrat buddies.  One left-wing reporter from Fox 45 Baltimore did that in a run-down Baltimore neighborhood.  As she sniffed that Trump should "take a look at things for himself", a rat photobombed her video.  Take a look.

If Lori and Gregory can't give honest appraisals of the situations of their dioceses, maybe they should stick to their God-given jobs - you know, like, making sure the Faith is taught properly in their parishes, cleaning perversion from their parishes (like St Matthew's, Abhp Lori!), disciplining pro-abortion Catholic pols in their Churches by obeying Canon 915, you get the picture!

Until these things happen, I'd suggest complete boycotts of any archdiocesan collections in both DC and Baltimore.


  1. Both cities have been run by deamoncrats for decades. Any coincidence they are both total wrecks?

  2. Forty-five years ago a Black mother of two high school boys had moved here to Denver from Los Angeles, where her sons had attended a Catholic school. The priest/religion teacher, in answer to the mother's complaint that her sons were not receiving very much Catholic instruction in class, responded that he wanted to teach about the "Black experience." She said, "The Black experience is sex, drugs, and violence." Alas, she knew first hand.

  3. Thank you for saying "obeying Canon 915," rather than "enforcing" or "implementing" Canon 915. Canon 915 is not a penal canon. It simply states what the moral law requires. Which is to say, disobeying it is a grave sin on the part of every bishop and priest who flouts it. Only about ten bishops in the U.S. don't flout it. Which is to say, for forty-some years, all but about ten American bishops have been walking around habitually in the state of mortal sin. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  4. Let's see: The most pro-life president ever points out that the districts of several pro-abortion members of Congress are rat-infested, violent hellholes. Who, according to the bishops (Lori, Gregory, others), is "racist"? The politician who opposes the killing of black babies, or the politicians who fanatically support the killing of black babies?


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