Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Two Good Young Men

I was contemplating a post on another topic, but realized I had to put that aside when I saw accounts of these two young men on social media.

The first is Jakub Baryla, a 15-year-old in Plock, Poland who describes himself as "Catholic, traditional, conservative and patriotic".  A "gay-pride" parade took place in his town.  He decided to block the parade by himself, holding only a crucifix and a Rosary.  I will let you read it for yourself from Church Militant's site.  My one question is why was he alone?  Where were the clergy?  Speaking of "clergy", Baryla aspires to the priesthood.  At his age, that vocation is not cast in stone but we simply pray that he remains steadfast in the onslaughts that will now be hurled his way.

In Albany, NY we meet 9-year-old Jack Thimons.  He became motivated to act when Governor Cuomo signed New York's radical abortion bill into law.  He has begun a prayer campaign for Cuomo's conversion to the Faith.  He had written letters to both Cardinal Dolan and the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal.  Dolan of course did not respond but the Friars did.  Based on their suggestions, Jack and his father designed the site convertcuomo.com to collect prayer pledges for that intention.

Speaking of Cuomo, perhaps Jack might throw in a prayer or two for the governor's brother, Chris Cuomo.  He seems to have a nasty temper.  To wit: (and forgive his f-bombs)

But I digress.  Kudos to both Jack and Jakub.  May more people take their Catholic faith seriously as do these young me.


  1. Seems we have to become as little Children to know the mind of God.
    Where have I heard that before??
    The Boys are to be congratulated. The have courage we can only dream about in our 'fearless' leaders

  2. These two young men have more guts than our bishops!


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