Sunday, August 25, 2019

St Louis Jesuits - Bid Them Good Bye And Good Riddance

The St. Louis Jesuits, producers of much of the watered-down mush that is called "modern Catholic music", are giving a farewell concert.  The concert is scheduled for Sept 29 and will happen in St. Louis, near the seminary where they met.

Take a look at their picture (circa 1070s) and consider that they met towards the end of their priestly formations.  At that stage, they should have been wearing clerics.  Why did that not happen in this photo?

Only three of them are now priests.  Tim Manion left seminary and became a Buddist.  Dan Schutte was ordained and left the priesthood.  The CM article points to evidence that Schutte is living in gay perversion with another named Mike Gale.  Now take a look at this review of a book written about the SLJesuits.  The book was edited by someone named Mike Gale.  It would take some doing to convince me that this is just some strange coincidence.  When I learned of that several years ago, I resolved never to sing anything written by the St Louis Jesuits.

They might not garner anymore income from public appearances (we hope), but they'll still be raking in the dough from royalties, etc.  Let's pray that they understand how they participated in the damage and repent.  Schutte and Manion are in desparate need of prayers, not commercial patronage.

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