Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Connecticut Bishops Undermining Real Pro-Life Actiity

Crisis pregnancy centers in Connecticutt are dealing with some strong-arm tactics by:
  1. the local Planned Parenthood
  2. the local NARAL
  3. pro-abortion politicians
  4. none of the above.
If you selected "none of the above", you are correct!  The culprit is the Connecticut Conference of Catholic Bishops!  If you find that surprising, well, I wish I did.  Given my experiences of being a sidewalk counselor in the DC are for several decades now, I have seen similar things from the Archdiocese of Washington throughout the years and chronicled them here.

Once upon a time I thought that the tepid support (if any) that we received from the bishops was the result of cowardice.  However, in learning just how much money the USCCB gets from the Democrats via dubious grants, etc, and in seeing how the chancery punishes faithful priests, I now believe that they have been working to hobble the pro-life efforts of faithful Catholics.  If the Dems don't get their donations from abortionists, well, then they won't be inclined to direct donation dollars into diocesan coffers now, will they?

Local Connecticut Catholics would do well to boycott any collection efforts by the CCC.  They can now rest assured that any pretenses they might hear of the collections "supporting pro-life efforts" is, well, inaccurate if not downright deceitful.  Instead, send donations directly to these embattled crisis prenancy centers and other worthy charities.


  1. I'm familiar with the state. The bishop of the Norwich diocese tells illegal "immigrants" to avoid answering their door if ICE shows up, and that the diocese will provide them legal representation if they would like. They spend a lot of money bringing in Haitians, the Haitian ministry is very active.
    These men are total shills for the Democrats, as the entire USCCB is. Nobody should be giving these men one thin dime! We only give gift cards to faithful priests, no money.
    In point of fact these men are Catholics in no recognizable sense, as Catholicism has always been understood. It is truly not just they have watered down the faith, they have completely left it for a god of their own making, effeminate, milquetoast, and Communist.

  2. Similar story in Charlotte, NC. very few Catholics on the sidewalk. The ones that do show up stay for an hour and then leave. Almost no support from the Bishops office or the Bishop himself. Like you, I have given up on them.


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