Friday, December 18, 2020

All Roads Lead To China

Michael Hichborn put out this video today with the title quoted in this post's title.  With Jim Maughan, Hichborn delves into the pivotal role that Communist China has played in the attempted theft of the presidential election away from Donald Trump.  As an aside, on the two pro-Trump marches that I've attended in Washington DC, I couldn't help but notice the presence of many Chinese people calling for the abolition of the Chinese Communist Party; this video gives me a greater appreciation of their reasons for attending the pro-Trump rallies.

Hichborn not only asks us to watch it, but to pass this along to others.  We know that not only will the mainstream media try to stifle its message, but so will the progressives who occupy many of the chanceries in the US.  Keep praying those daily Rosaries.

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