Tuesday, December 15, 2020

How The Archdiocese Of Washington Mocked Our Lady Of Guadalupe

The Archdiocese of Washington live-streamed that travesty of a Mass and it remains on youtube.  Cardinal Gregory was the main celebrant at this Mass at St Matthew's.  The entrance is more of a pagan procession, with the pagan-originated prancing up to the altar, with garish headgear and loud drumming.  Of course there were the ubiquitous bowls, billowing forth smoke, being processed up to the altar.  What is with those things?  Rarely do we see a parody of a Mass without them, but I digress.  Then a number of them, in the sanctuary, line up before the altar and inflict more hideous dancing on the congregation and those watching online.

At another Mass I would lament that people were kept away.  In this case, the small number of people was clearly a blessing.

Below is the video of the Mass.  It starts normally enough, with the Cardinal and other priests, deacons, etc processing in (of course, he had to be applauded as a new cardinal).  However, the pagan debacle begins at the 1:07:12 mark.  Be prepared to turn down your speakers!

This travesty is a great advertisement for the Traditional Latin Mass.  There is none of  that "celebrate this and that culture" garbage, just the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.


  1. Its was edifying to see the gracious bowing/genuflecting before the Tabernacle
    that housed the BBS and Divinity of the Creator of the Universe!!??

  2. Out of work dancers and actors, being given work by the entertainment hive of the Catholic Church. Wonder how much the parish paid them. Pricey looking costumes.

  3. I still think people should resist the temptation to come to mass in their 'everyday clothes'.


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