Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Carhart's Catastrophe Count Continues To Climb - Class Action Suit To Be Filed On Behalf Of Abortion-Injured Women

 When Leroy Carhart was slaughtering babies in Germantown MD a few years back, he sent approximately 10 women to the hospital due to his careless blundering.  One woman died.  This pattern was repeated at his Nebraska location, with one woman dying there.  I remember quipping in one of my posts that the Germantown condo management should just put a reserved-ambulance parking space in front of his mill.  When he moved to Bethesda, some of us passed out some flyers wherein we warned the neighbors to get used to the sight and sound of ambulances at his Wildwood location.

Sure enough, the ambulances are pulling in with some regularity.  Below is a Live Action video detailing how two women were severely injured by Carhart, to the point of their lives being put in danger.  I only regret that there was little mention of the horror wreaked upon the murdered babies.

Operation Rescue has more details of these two incidents, plus a rather long list of his previous medical disaster - a list that will continue to grow as long as he continues to slaughter babies.

One key fact that I don't think OR touched upon is precisely what caused the injuries of these two particular women.  Both these women were given a drug to ingest, called misoprostol or cytotec.  These are part of the RU486 abortion procedure and they operate by causing violent contractions of the uterus.  In both the video and the OR account, you can see how their wombs literally contorted around themselves and the babies, causing the ruptures.

A class-action lawsuit is being prepared on behalf of the hundreds (if not thousands) of women injured by this drug cocktail.  Please visit if you were injured by this drug or know someone who was.

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