Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Faithful Catholics Decrying The Hierarchy's Complicity In The Global Reset

In addition to Bishop Schneider, other Catholics have sounded the alarm regarding the de facto apostacy that has been made all too evident in light of today's pandemic.  Indeed, much of the hierarchy - including Pope Francis himself - seems to be in league with those who are using and who probably engineered the pandemic to bring about the reset touted by the World Economic Forum.

Archbishop Vigano released a public letter a few days ago that exposes some common underpinnings behind various happenings in the world and the Church.  He also makes no bones that the Vatican hierarchy, as well as many bishops, are in cahoots with the new world order.  He is quite right in calling the current Vatican structure a "den of thieves" with:

  • the pope's current alliance with Netflix to shill for his new book.  This is the same Netflix that produced "Cuties" by exploiting and sexualizing little girls and produced a "comedy" that pictures Jesus as gay and Our Lady as a pothead.
  • their push for the covid vaccines that use body parts from murdered babies
  • running interference for anti-God political leaders
Rorate Caeli published a letter from a sister who must remain anonymous to protect her community from retaliation.  In it, Sister elaborates on the immorality of the compulsory mask mandates and its other harmful effects.  She rightly points out its dehumanizing effects and its basis in the loss of supernatural faith.

In this LifeSiteNews article, we see an interview with Father Chad Ripperger.  The three men are discussing the legitimacy of the current vaccines (or more accurately, the illegitimacy).  This truly is worth a listen as Father delves into traditional Catholic moral theology in his considerations of the topic.  One point that Father makes is that the use of fetal cells constitutes theft of their bodies.

To be honest, one has to be completely dishonest with him/herself if they don't accept that the election fraud and this covid hype isn't part and parcel of the attempt to get us to forget our dignity as God's children and the blessings that were part of the United States, in order to cajole us into swallowing this great reset. 

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