Monday, December 21, 2020

Bishop Schneider On The Covid Vaccine Witchs' Brew

 Notice that this video is posted not on youtube but Rumble. Youtube has seen fit to censor the videos of LifeSiteNews, most likely because giggles is also towing the progressive line for the tin-horn dictators (that's why I deliberately misspelled the name).  This deserves a listen.


  1. With respect, I really have a problem with Bishop Schneider saying that he prayed to the souls of aborted babies and calling them "martyrs". If he wishes to do that privately that is on his own conscience, but to state it publicly will mislead a lot of people. The Church has not declared that aborted babies are martyrs but we do have the Holy Innocents who have been declared martyrs despite not having been Baptized, but theirs is a different case since they were murdered by Herod when he tried to kill baby Jesus.

    1. ....and exactly who is the Globalists are attempting to "kil" now? Is it not Jesus Christ? We understand he implies their intercessory ability as innocence before the Throne. My parents have not been declared "saints" by the Church but I can honestly say I "pray" to them on a daily basis since I am reasonably certain of their presence before the throne of God. I don't think any thinking Christian will be offended by the very holy thought of imploring their intercession as innocent victims of a world gone mad!

  2. "An assessment of cooperation with evil in terms of distance from the original abortion is necessary, but ultimately insufficient as criterion because there is another distinct and more immediate category of sin involved. The recipient is an immediate participant in the commission of the continuous theft of human remains obtained through deliberate killing, their desecration through exploitation and trafficking, as well as ultimate omission to respectfully burying them.
    While the original killing establishes the illicit character of using the remains, their possession and use becomes a distinct evil in itself; the circumstances of which do not cease as a form of theft, desecration, exploitation and refusal to bury, regardless of the customer's distance in time from the abortion, number of cell divisions or the sub-cellular fragmentary infusion of DNA and protein in the final dose." Fr. Michael Copenhagen (full statement on Children of God for Life website)

    The following link is an interview with Fr. Ripperger who argues that the Pontifical Academy for Life's statement lacks necessary distinctions, and he then provides those distinctions:


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