Saturday, December 5, 2020

More Developments In The Examination Of the Election Debacle

We can rejoice that President Trump is not backing down in this fight for the elections.  At stake is not only his next four years, but the integrity of future US elections.  If the progressives get away with this election theft and are successful in their evil quest, we will never have another truly free and honest election in this country ever again.  They will tighten the noose about our necks with both wrath and impunity.  Our God-given rights to live and speak openly as Christians will go up in flames, as will countless souls experience eternal flames in the next life.

There definitely are signs of hope.  The evil is being exposed.  In Maricopa County AZ, a GOP poll watcher testified that she saw machines switch Trump votes to Biden votes.  The state GOP chair was allowed by a judge to examine 100 ballots.  After she discovered that 2 of them were switched from Trump to Biden, the judge is allowing a larger number to be examined.  Bear in mind that Biden allegedly beat Trump in AZ by only 10,000 votes.

A group of PA House Republicans are calling for the withdrawal of vote certification and their naming of Presidential electors.  They are simply asserting the authority granted to them in their state's constitution to guard against electoral corruption.

Below I will post video of a GA Senate hearing, where a Trump lawyer shows video from Georgia's State Farm Arena showing that poll watchers were evicted and then suitcases full of "ballots" were brought from hiding, with the ballots being feed into the tallying machines.  If that isn't cheating, what is it?  In response, Governor Kemp is calling for a signature audit of all ballots.

Please keep praying your Rosaries, not only that the actual victor be made known, but that the integrity of our electoral system be preserved and the filth purged and perpetrators punished.

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  1. Thanks for this excellent summary. Most hopeful. Most essential.


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