Sunday, December 20, 2020

The Newfangled Corona Vaccines - What's In It For The US Hierarchy?

Much of the world is waiting with bated breath for this much-touted "wonderous" vaccine.  They think that once they inject themselves with this miraculous substance, they will once again be freed from their de facto slave masters to live their lives.  They already can live their lives without the permission of the demagogues, if they just grow some backbones, but that's another discussion.

Pfiser and Moderna are the two leading manufacturers of these magic elixirs.  However, the tiny bodies of murdered babies have been used in the development of these things.  They claim that no fetal cells are actually in the vaccines.  True enough, but, BUT, fetal cells have been used in the testing of these potions.  However you slice it, the bodies of murdered children were used in the development of these things.

That doesn't seem to bother the nation's bishops in the least.  Read this latest disgrace to spew forth from the USCCB.  In a nutshell, they are saying, "yeah, we know that there was use of morally compromised cell lines, but the pandemic is so scary and evil that the remote cooperation with baby slaughter is actually an act of charity".  Pity that the aborted children don't seem to register a blip on their radar screens, but I don't think they have for quite some time.

Something, and I think it's lots of money, is inducing these bishops to poo-poo basic Catholic morality.  What they are doing is known as cooperating with sin, and such cooperation, especially when done knowingly and willingly, is a partaking in the guilt of that sin - in this case, the mortal sin of baby-murder.  The Church defines nine ways in which this cooperation can be effected; here is the list.  Take a look at numbers 1 and 7.  The bishops are counseling the faithful to participate in the ill-gotten fruits of the slaughter of babies.

Archbishop Vigano has some pointed words regarding the vaccine and other matters, pointing to their sinister underpinnings. As you read them, you may wish to bear the video from Friday Dec 18th in mind.  Judie Brown of American Life League also has words of wisdom and warning regarding these vaccines.

On many levels, the ingestion of these vaccines would be foolish and sinful.  The testing on these has been rather haphazard and immoral.  Why would one want to accept such a vaccine that has been hastily and immorally produced?  The disease against which it would allegedly protect has a fatality rate of less than 1%, and even those are found mostly in those with other co-morbidities.  Even more insidious is that the usage of them would justify the procurement of slaughtered babies to produce them.

At one time, I might have been inclined to chalk up the bishops' capitulation to these vaccines as simply a lack of moral courage.  While that may be present to some effect, I must conclude, after so many stunts these fellows have pulled, that they are active participants in the promulgation of the vaccine to help facilitate the new world order and perhaps to gain some financial reward.

Addendum:  Here is an enlightening post from my friend and colleague at Les Femmes.  Like her, I too have looked askance at the complete lack of mention of common-sense measures that we can take to increase our natural immunities.  Vitamin supplements, as she noted, are necessary and readily available.  A general proper diet and adequate sleep are also important.  Why, oh why, do we hear - ad infinitum et ad nauseum - about "masks" and "social distance", but nary a peep regarding these measures? Why does hydroxicloroquine remain a taboo topic of discussion?  Could it be precisely because they are cost-effective?


  1. "The testing on these has been rather haphazard and immoral. Why would one want to accept such a vaccine that has been hastily and immorally produced?

    On what authority do you say this? Are you a scientist? Do you realize these technologies have been in development since the 1990s?

    They followed the protocols of FDA three phase trials on tens of thousands of people. I say, be cautious, be aware, but your pronouncements are without basis. You need to dial back.

    1. Do you deny the usage of fetal cells in the development of these things? I will not dial back, especially on that.

  2. I don't need to be a scientist or any other "expert" to weigh up the truth. I am not making a decision about anything I don't understand. I am merely looking for the truth and God gave me my reason and the traditional teachings of the Catholic Church in order to do that. St Paul told us to work out our salvation in fear and trembling. He didn't tell us to rely on scientists.

  3. On what authority??? Since the back chops abdicated their credibility in the moral sphere, who do we turn to? Theologians and canon lawyers are all over the place and do nothing to offer clarity. What we are left with is to do our own moral research and thank God we have 2000 years of Tradition guiding us. Leave alone the physical minefield these vaccines pose, what about the spiritual admonition not to consume things sacrificed to pagan gods? Abortion is the chief sacrifice at Satan's altar. It's the spiritual evil that keeps on giving despite this nonsensical "remote" occasion of sin.

    Bottom line, it was born of evil and to commit an evil in order to bring a "good" out of it is still evil.


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