Friday, May 20, 2022

Pelosi Formally Barred From Holy Communion By Her Bishop

It was announced today that Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco has barred Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, from receiving Holy Communion and has instructed his priests to follow suit.   This is prompted by Pelosi's slavish support of baby-murder.  This ban is only applicable to the Archdiocese of San Francisco, but that is Pelosi's home diocese.  Here is the letter that the Archbishop sent to Pelosi. 

The Archbishop stated that his decision was pastoral, not political.  One aim that the Church has always had for the banning of the Sacraments, and even excommunication, is the ultimate repentance of the transgressor, so that he or she can be restored to a state of grace and once again be on the path of salvation, not damnation.

The Archbishop issued a letter to his priests regarding this matter; a link to that letter can be found here.  The website for the San Francisco diocese is down as of this writing.  When it's back up, I'll link to it so that we can all express our thanks to him.  If you are on twitter, the Archbishop's handle is @ArchCordileone.

One question that comes immediately to mind is whether or not Cardinal Gregory will follow Cordileone's suit while Pelosi is in Washington.  We need to challenge him to do so.  Here is Cardinal Gregory's contact information.

Let's make an intention of our Rosaries that more prelates will follow Archbishop Cordileone's issues.

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