Tuesday, May 31, 2022

The Uvalde Massacre - More To This Than Meets The Eye

A conservative podcaster, Erick Erickson, put out a video that asks a lot of questions: questions that I've seen elsewhere regarding the Robb School situation.

So here is the chronology of the situation, as far as I can tell.  First, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos lived with his mother who was, probably still is, a drug addict.  There is absolutely no mention of his father, or any other man who might have been a father-figure to him.  Right there we have a breeding ground for disaster.

He was frequently bullied in school for his economic status and had only a few temporary friendships.  He acted out, causing him to have scuffles with the police.  That is to say that the police were quite familiar with him.   After his relationship with his mother further deteriorated, he lived with his grandmother.

His behavior, which he posted on social media, became increasingly dark, with him dressing all in black and voicing an interest in guns.  His financial status was still poor, with his job at Wendy's helping only a little.

Then, somehow, he managed to get a hold of two AR-15 rifles and ammunition, all costing about $5,000.00.  How did that happen?  First, why would he not have immediately failed background checks, owing to previous scuffles with the law?  Second, how could this impoverished kid afford it?  I'd ask who gave him the money, but again he would have failed the necessary screening.  Did someone give him the firearms?  If so, why?

On May 24 Tuesday, he shot his grandmother (who survived), then drove towards the school.  Somehow his truck wound up in a ditch.  He got out of the truck and went towards the school, firing his gun at various people along the way.  He walked into an unattended entrance, a door propped open, and eventually barricaded himself into a classroom and there shot and murdered the majority of his victims.  Here's a million-dollar question: did that open door lead to a classroom?  Is it the same classroom in which Ramos barricaded himself with his victims?

Meanwhile, local police arrived on the scene.  They stood outside the school and did absolutely nothing.  Parents were screaming at the police to do something.  Several of the parents received police ire for their protest.  Now who gave the police orders to essentially stand down and do absolutely nothing while Ramos proceeded to slaughter children?  They could hear the gunfire, and still they sucked thumb and bullied parents.  After an hour or so, it was a lone Border Control agent who finally took Ramos out.  Tucker Carlson asks many of the questions that were posed by Erickson above. 

Carlson appears to believe that these police were incompetent and were trying to save face.  I am not at all certain that it was mere incompetence, especially when one considers the almost magical ease with which a money-strapped kid obtained very expensive firearms.  Who gave Ramos those firearms?  Is there any connection between that and the order to the police to stand down?  Why was the school's main entrance unattended?  Why were no school police officers present?  Why was that door on the west side propped open?  Remember - this is a school that locked down quite a few times that year owing to human trafficking chases (being on a border town) so it's not like they didn't know safety practices.

Earning the most outrage was the behavior of the Uvalde police department.  At one point, they did enter the building, but then exited.  They then waited outside for an hour, while they could hear Ramos firing his gun.  Parents pleaded with them to go in, to no avail.  Some parents tried to take action, only to be put in handcuffs, pepper-sprayed, tackled to the ground.  One mother was arrested but was released.  She broke away from the cops, darted into the building and removed her children.  One off-duty Border Patrol agent, whose wife and daughter were in the school, received a text from his wife while at his barber's.  He borrowed the barber's shotgun, hurried to the school and evacuated his family and others from the building.

We are approaching an election cycle.  Certain Democrats would very much appreciate a crisis like this to take the public's eyes away from the utter mess that Biden et al are making of the country.  Saul Alinsky, in his book "Rules for Radicals", said "never let a crisis go to waste".  The Democrats are excellent students of Alinsky, and they would chomp at the bit to exploit such a crisis like Uvalde, perhaps even to the point of contriving one.

Each oddity about this situation, by itself, might raise an eyebrow and not much more.  But when so many oddities are apparent, their combination is much too coincidental:
  • That a cash-strapped kid obtained two rifles, ammunition, body armor, etc
  • That no school police officer was present that day
  • That a door was propped open for Ramos's entry
  • The strange stand-down behavior by local police
  • The refusal to allow parents near the school
The whole thing stinks not of cowardice and incompetence, but of outright corruption.  The Texas Department of Safety is investigating the incident, but Uvalde Police and the school district are not cooperating. Why the stonewalling?

Meanwhile the typical progressive screeching for more gun confiscation sounded far and abroad.   I suppose they ignored some other news, like how a West Virginia woman shot down a maniac who was shooting into a crowd.  Also this weekend, an Ohio homeowner who was dragged outside of his home was rescued by his neighbor who shot the assailant dead.  Of course there is the aforementioned Border Control agent who borrowed his barber's shotgun and used that in his rescue mission.

The citizens of Uvalde include parents of children who lost their lives last week at Robb Elementary.  Some of those children might have been spared had the police actually done their jobs.  They need not wait until Texas has completed its investigation.  They need only wait till their local election day, when they can jettison the negligent city officials out of their offices, as well as those calling for the suspension of their Second Amendment rights.


  1. Can I post this piece at the Catholic Monitor. Fred Martine

  2. Wow. Just Wow. You're actually claiming the shooting is a conspiracy?
    As for how he afforded weapons, just because he purchased them, that doesn't mean he did so with cash. There are these little plastic things called "credit cards." CC companies will give them to anybody.

    There is another conspiracy out there I heard about. Progressive bishops have enlisted lay people to infiltrate the conservative and traditionalist circles in order to discredit them. The lay people create blogs and post crazy articles to make traditionalists sound looney. That gives the bishops and Francis the justification to crack down them. Seriously. It's all an inside job.

    Are you one of them? Please offer proof that you are not. Don't just deny it. That's what an infiltrator would do.

    1. I forgot to mention the truck that he obtained - the one he drove into the ditch as he was approaching the school. Again, how did he get that? And no, credit card issuers have learned at long last to be judicious regarding the cards. Is the shooting a conspiracy? The facts of the situation make that question a valid one. If you care to dismiss that very real possibility, you are free to do so.

  3. It was his grandmother's truck. You can't even do basic research before making wild speculations.

    1. Thank you for the info. But please learn the difference between speculation and asking questions. They are not synonymous.

  4. "Daniel Defense also offers a buy-now-pay-later financing option that allows qualified buyers to spread the price — some of its guns retail for more than $1,800 — over a number of payments." -- NY Times

    Daniel Defense is the manufacturer and seller of the gun which was shipped to a local licensed dealer who does the background check before the gun can be picked.

    Again, do your research before flying off into crazy land.

    1. So what, pray tell, constitutes a "qualified buyer" in the eyes of Daniel Defense? The gun came from DD - but was Ramos the one who bought it from DD, or someone else? On whom did the local gun dealer (yet to be named) run their background check? I don't know the answers, and I daresay neither do you. That's why I'm calling for investigations.


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