Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Pope Francis Becomes More Blatant In Enabling Sin Of Homosexual Relations

Pope Francis, in a handwritten letter that supported Fr. James Martin's gay-enabling website, stated that "God does not disown any of His children".   Nowhere in that letter is there any mention of the need to repent of sins of sodomy and other gay perversions.  All that letter does is offer false comfort to those who, by homosexual acts, are throwing themselves to hell.

It's worth noting that this regrettable letter from the pope directly mischaracterizes Our Lord.  He Himself said that those persisting in sin would be denied by Him.  Read Matthew 10:32-38 and Matthew 25:1-11 and Matthew 7:21-24.  

Moreover, the Church has always recognized that we can be guilty of serious sin ourselves if we cooperate with the sins of others.  Specifically, there are nine ways that can happen; that link explains those ways.  The pope's letter defends the sinful act of sodomy by not stating that repentance is required.  He offers praise to those facilitating perversions.

The pope is getting a bit more brash and bold with these dissident statements and actions.  Mind you, this one pertains to both morals and faith.  Might he soon proclaim heresy definitively?  He seems to be testing the waters, inching ever so closely towards it.  If so, I believe that would mean that his papacy is invalid.  That might already be the case, as the video below (a follow-up to last week's videos) explores.

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  1. The ape of the church loves silence. I.e., the conspiracy of silence.

    Dr. Peter McCullough says that 95% of hospital "covid deaths" have been murders. NOT ONE bishop has uttered a word. (And many bishops run hospitals. They have mandated face diapers and the poison injections, but maintain silence about Remdesivir and murderous ventilators.)

    So, too, with deaths and hideous injuries caused by the bio-weapon. Not one syllable has escaped one bishop.

    All told, two million murdered Americans--totally unnoted by the bishops.

    Every single one of them knows he faces a choice: Maintain silence, or wind up like Bishop Torres. The "Holy Father" would be enraged if anyone called attention to the mass murders.


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