Tuesday, May 24, 2022

I Just KNEW Pelosi Would Pull This Stunt!

No doubt she is smarting over the disciplinary smack-down delivered to her by her Archbishop.  I'd like to think that her conscience is still somewhat alive enough to be stung, but I think it's more her ego that got bruised.  I think it to be the latter, considering what she did a few days ago.

This past Sunday she received Holy Communion from Holy Trinity parish, a left-wing Jesuit-run (pardon the redundancy) church just south of Georgetown University and Washington DC.  This is one church about which I've written quite a bit over the years.  Among their many stunts was the bestowal of Holy Communion to then-VP-elect Joe Biden, after which the pastor gave to Biden a standing ovation during Mass.  I knew that if Pelosi was going to act in defiance of her bishop, she'd do that at Holy Trinity, where no doubt the progressives there were cheering as she committed sacrilege.

Now the question is "what will Cardinal Gregory do about this and any future attempts by Pelosi to receive Holy Communion?"  Regarding any future attempts, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Pelosi doesn't attend Mass that frequently so that question might be rather moot.  Of course that would be a sin against the Third Commandment, but for now we'll leave that question be.  Anyway, the Cardinal did his share of harrumphing two years ago when President Trump visited the John Paul II Shrine.  Will he bestir himself in the slightest regarding the sacrileges that Pelosi, Biden et al continue to heap upon the Eucharist?  I believe we know the answer to that purely rhetorical question.  But I'm open to being pleasantly surprised!

By the way, this link contains an interview that Pelosi gave on the matter.  This is atypical, I understand, as she is actually somewhat coherent.  But still she displays complete disdain for the Faith.

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  1. Gregory has made it clear that he will continue his policy of allowing sacrilegious Communions. He cares neither about the souls in his charge or for the Christ he claims to serve. Sadly, most of the bishops appear to be clones all bearing the image of spineless cowards who care more about human respect than about protection the Body of Christ and saving souls.


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