Thursday, May 5, 2022

Some Liberal Catholics Showing Their True Colors With Respect To Abortion

The recent revelations that Roe may finally be relegated to history's dung-heap seem to have rankled the feathers of Rebecca Bratten-Weiss, one time head of an organizational flop known as "New Pro-Life Movement".  I have written a bit about them in the past: see here, here, here.

Today she plopped this stinker on Twitter.

By the way, RBW, if you're reading this, please note that I (and most likely others) have screen-shotted that tweet.  You'll only look silly if you take it down.

So now the mask is off and we see the erstwhile "New Pro Life Movement" for what it was - a sham.  I use the past tense because I see no current sign of the NPLM on the web.  

Any dalliance with liberalism by pro-life activists usually will have a diluting effect on their pro-life convictions, leading them to issue bird-brained statements such as you saw above or promoting pro-abortion political candidates.  Father James Altman has some things to say about this matter, also.

He said, among other things, that the "greatest tragedy in the Church is the ignorance of the laity".  That will be the subject of a post soon to follow this one.


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