Sunday, May 15, 2022

When Protection For Babies Are Overlooked In Favor Of Women Who Had Abortions, Both Are Robbed Of Dignity

In one of my comments to my previous post, I promised a follow-up post to detail further why I think that misguided pro-life letter is harmful to the babies and to their mothers.  It will be a lot shorter than what I originally envisioned, for one of the commenters, Justina, stated one of the main points that I planned on making.  Please read her comment, particularly her first paragraph.

Addendum to original post: One consequence to the woman, the most important, was not mentioned.  Should a post-aborted woman be deluded by well-meaning but non-thinking prolifers, she may be induced to believe that she is purely a victim with no culpability whatsoever.  With that, she may be inclined not to examine her conscience about her abortion so that she can repent and make a good confession.  Should she in reality be so culpable that her sin is mortal, her eternal salvation may well be jeopardized.  In short, these false comforts may well be a factor that leads her to hell.

Mary Ann's last sentence sums up the second point that needs to be said.  The babies deserve justice.  Criminal law exists not only to punish wrong-doers, but to restore justice to the victims of the crime.  In the case of abortion, the primary victim is the unborn child.  Most people have no problem recognizing the need to restore justice to other victims of crime, that is, to those already born.  I can more or less, see why pro-abortion people see no need to restore justice to the babies as they don't see the unborn babies being human.  But for ostensibly pro-life people to harbor such a blind spot is inexcusable.  If they don't see the murder of a preborn person as criminally actionable against all parties to the murder as they would a person who's been born, then they unconsciously affirm the lie of the pro-abort crowd that the unborn child is not quite as human as the already-born person.

The main point of that post, though, is to expose the potential sabotage of of protections for these most innocent, the pre-born, out of misguided "compassion" for the mother.  The commenter "utubeo" seems to have betrayed the real intent: to put on a public-relations stunt out of fear of pro-abortion propaganda.  Well, throwing the babies under the bus is not the answer.  We simply have to present and adhere to the truth - that all persons are entitled to full protection under the law, no matter how the pro-abortion cartel might react.

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