Thursday, May 19, 2022

Yoo-Hoo! Archbishop Lori!! You're Talking The Talk! Now Walk The Walk!!

From today's Catholic Review, we read that "Archbishop Lori calls for stepped-up support of pro-life efforts."  That's fine and dandy.  He is well-situated to cause that to happen in Maryland's Catholic churches.  Except for the five MD counties that surround Washington DC, he is archbishop of the rest of the state - including the eastern shore, of which he is metropolitan.

That means he can bind those pastors in his jurisdiction to support with all their resources the drive to petition HB937, the so called "Abortion Care Access Act", to referendum on the ballot this November.  There is no excuse for any Catholic church to refuse petition drives from happening in their church lobbies over these next few weeks.

Archbishop Lori, you uttered some fine words.  Will you be backing them up with your support of this petition drive?

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