Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Carhart Sends Woman To Hospital In Nebraska Mill

In addition to his "practice" of murdering babies at the Germantown Reproductive Health Services, Leroy Carhart also murders them at his Nebraska facility.  On March 31, that facility inflicted a botched abortion on a woman.  Operation Rescue obtained the recording of the 911 call placed to the local emergency line.  They have a full report, including the youtube of that recording.  If you can't see the embedded video on the OR site, click here.  As you listen, notice not only the screams of the woman in the background, but also that the dispatcher had to pull teeth to get some basic information to assess the woman's situation.  Clearly the abortuary personnel didn't really give a damn about that poor woman.

Two weeks ago, the Germantown Patch featured an article entitled "Free Speech and the Abortion Debate: How Far Is Too Far?"  I suggest you read it, along with the comments - and post comments yourself.  It is obvious that it's the presence of this abortuary in Germantown (and all abortuaries for that matter) that's "too far".

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