Monday, May 7, 2012

Georgetown's Pathetic Attempt At Damage Control

It looks like Georgetown University is trying the old "soft-shoe tap-dance" around its debacle.  They have earned thousands of well-deserved rebukes for its plans to foist upon its graduates one of the most traitorous "katholycs" of this century - HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.  They tried to accomplish that by editing slightly the announcement of So-bilious' appearance.  (Note: to all you fastidious types who object my modified spelling of her name, consider both her draconian mandate AND the fact that she ran legal interference for George Tiller aka "Tiller the Killer" as governor of Kansas).

A note to the Georgetown administration.  As complaints increase and donations decrease, understand that you can stave off disasters on many fronts simply by rescinding your invitation to So-bilious.  If this atrocity is allowed to occur, there will be protests.  Please do the right thing, find your Catholic consciences and spines, remember that you are sons of St Ignatius Loyola (not Robert Drinan) and keep Kathleen So-bilious from besmirching Georgetown University.  Once Georgetown was a fine institution of Catholic higher learning.  Decisions of the past several years have caused a precipitous decline in Georgetown. Please reverse that trend and don't plunge Georgetown further down the toilet on May 18th.

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