Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Maryland "Gay Marriage" To Go To Ballot

This past March I posted that we would need at least 57,000 signatures to put on the November ballot the "gay marriage" bill signed into law by Governor O'Malley.  Actually, the exact number was 55,736.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of many volunteers and the leadership of the Maryland Marriage Alliance, the total number of signatures submitted was 122,481.  The Maryland Board of Elections has 20 days to review the signatures.  No one seriously doubts that there is more than a sufficient number to ensure that this measure is put on the ballot so that all Marylanders can vote on it.

This electoral contest will draw nationwide attention.  Both sides will pour in much money.  Of course, the marriage-wrecking contingent will have "lame-brain" media shilling for it.  That means, of course, that our work is far from over.  But we've made progress.

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