Thursday, May 10, 2012

Some Good Bishops Are Standing Up

Bishop Robert Morlino of the Diocese of Madison brought to two of his parishes priests from the Society of Jesus Christ the Priest.  This is an order devoted to the traditional liturgy.  Some parishioners rebelled, threatening the parish school with closure.  Bishop Morlino acted not only in defense of the parish priests but of the traditional Catholic life that they are trying to reintroduce into those parishes.  Read the bishop's letter to the people of St Mary's regarding the school and conditions in their parish in general.  (By the way - when Wisconsin union workers were rioting at the state capitol last year, with the USCCB cheering from the sidelines, it was Bishop Morlino who, with another letter, injected some sobriety into that situation.  Read  my post here.)

The other heroic bishop is Bishop Martin Amos of Davenport Iowa had to deal with the faculty of a Catholic school who were all swooning over a graduating student of theirs who claims to be gay.  They wanted to allow a "gay rights" group to present a scholarship to this student - on school property.  They had already allowed him to bring his "boyfriend" (that is, accomplice in sin) to the prom.

As you watch today's Vortex about these bishops, contrast them with the chancery of the Archdiocese of Washington and its abysmal treatment of the faithful priest Father Marcel Guarnizo.  On February 25, he upheld the sanctity of the Eucharist when he withheld Holy Communion from a practicing lesbian (in doing so, he also attempted to protect her from committing a mortal sin of sacrilege which she wound up committing anyway).  As soon as word traveled throughout the world of her hurt feelings (listen to the 3:07 mark), the chancery shot off an "apology" to her and yanked Father Guarnizo from the parish.  I think it so amazing that word of this spread so quickly (set-up?), but I digress.  As I was reading the accounts of the situation in Madison, I couldn't help ..  Oh, I dare not say it, but I'm sure you can guess!  Anyway, click here if you can't see the embedded video.

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