Friday, May 11, 2012

A Most Forgetable Mother's Day Gift

For this you can thank the fertile imagination of Obama himself!  I understand the deadline for acquiring this most unique of gifts was yesterday, so if you missed it, count your blessings!

You also needed to be a grassroots fundraiser for Obama with your own campaign page.  If you got five contributions to the messiah's coffers, you would have been eligible for a raffle, and that prize would have been a memorable mother's day gift.  And just what would that priceless treasure have been?  Well, sit down and have the smelling salts handy, for you will faint from the sheer ecstasy of the thought!

Ready?  Here it is!

A tweet from Obama to your mother on Mother's Day!

Oh, ineffable joy!  Oh, sublime bliss!  A tweet - from the Messiah Most Miserable himself!

If ever I did that to my mother, she'd disown me - and for good reason!  Obama is a narcissist with no shame! Vote for the GOP candidate (no third-party or non-vote crap!) and send him packing in November!

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