Saturday, May 12, 2012

An Interview With Bishop Morlino

On Thursday I touched a bit on Bishop Morlino of Madison Wisconsin.  He made the news because of his defense of his traditionalist parish priests against subterfuge by liberal/dissident parishioners.  In that post I linked to an earlier post showing how he took exception to the USCCB support of the public union workers against Governor Walker.

I applaud Bishop Morlino for not being afraid to go "against the wind" (of hot air) emanating from the dark halls of the USCCB.  He has done so again in defending Rep Paul Ryan from specious charges of "going against Church teaching" lobbed at him from the USCCB.  (By the way - here's an interesting article entitled "Are Catholics Required to Support a Continually Expanding Welfare State?")

In this brief episode of an EWTN program, Bishop Morlino is interviewed on the topic of Paul Ryan, as well as the topic of Sebelius's scheduled appearance at Georgetown this coming Friday.  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

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